Dateline: Meet Linh Heintz Father Jim Heintz Mother Jeri Heintz

Linh Heintz

Linh Heintz Father: Jim and Jeri Heintz’s lives took a surprising twist when they learned of a new addition to their family residing on the other side of the globe.

Linh Heintz’s amazing story was featured in a popular episode of ‘Dateline’ called ‘Father’s Day’ in 2018. The episode tells the extraordinary journey of Jim Heintz, a veteran, and his wife Jeri, as they search for Jim’s daughter in Vietnam.

It explores their background, experiences, and the difficulties they encountered. We also see their current situation, including the heartfelt reunions and the strong connection between Jim, Jeri, and their daughter. The episode shows their emotional and inspiring story in detail.

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Dateline: Meet Linh Heintz Father Jim Heintz and Mother Jeri Heintz

In 1968, Jim Heintz joined the army at 18, even though the Vietnam War was at its peak. He served in Germany before being sent to Vietnam to provide security for a road-building crew.

During his time there, he met Thanh Thach, an 18-year-old “house girl,” and they became physically intimate during a weekend when the now army veteran allowed her to stay on the base.

Heintz returned to the US in 1971 without knowing that the young girl was pregnant with their child. He decided never to go back to Vietnam because of the trauma he experienced.

However, he always remembered Thanh and included her in his scrapbooks. The discovery of their daughter, Linh, came as a surprise to Jim’s first wife, second wife Jeri, and their blended family.

She was found by the veteran’s youngest daughter, Mikal, through genealogy/DNA testing in 2017.

Linh Heintz Father
Linh Heintz with her newfound family. (Source: Instagram)

Once her paternity was confirmed, Jim and Jeri worked hard to bring their newfound family member to the United States. They successfully helped the new family member, her husband Ky, and their daughter Nhu relocate to Yakima, Washington.

They now enjoy their time together as a blended family and cherish moments spent at family gatherings.

Linh Heintz Age

Heintz was born in 1972 in southern Vietnam. Her early years were marked by uncertainty and hardship. According to her grandmother, she was adopted after being found abandoned on the streets.

Growing up as a half-American child, she faced numerous challenges and discrimination due to her Amerasian features. The end of the Vietnam War in 1975 only intensified the difficulties she encountered.

Linh Heintz Age
Linh Heintz Father had no clue he had a daughter. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

As a result of her mixed heritage, Linh experienced bullying and assaults from other children at school. The discrimination and social stigma she faced led to her discontinuing her education.

These trying circumstances made it difficult for her to fully embrace her identity and find a sense of belonging.

Linh Heintz Family

However, Linh’s life took a positive turn when she met Ky, her neighbor, and they fell in love. They eventually got married and embarked on a joint venture by opening a coffee shop together.

Despite finding happiness, she continued to feel a deep longing to search for her birth parents and understand her roots. In the 2010s, her grandmother finally revealed the truth about her adoption, prompting her to take further steps in her quest for answers.

In 2017, her  journey led her to discover her father, Jim Heintz, through her half-sister Mikal. This newfound connection brought not only her father into her life but also a loving mother figure in Jim’s second wife, Jeri.

Linh’s family expanded, as she gained two additional half-sisters and two step-sisters.

With the assistance of DNA testing and consulates, Heintz, Ky, and their daughter Nhu were able to immigrate to the United States within a year of reconnecting with their long-lost family.

Linh Heintz Family
Linh Heintz father, Jim and mother, Thanh Thach (Source: The Cinemaholic)

They settled in Yakima, Washington, joining Jim and Jeri in their new home. The family now cherishes the joy of spending time together, enjoying the bonds that have formed between her and her siblings.

In her pursuit of a fulfilling life, Heintz has fully embraced the English language and completed an English Language Acquisition (ELA) program.

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