Michael Eavis Wife Liz Eavis, Children And Net Worth 2023

Michael Eavis

Michael Eavis Wife, Liz Eavis, is Worthy Farm’s secretary. Please read the article below to learn about his children and net worth in 2023. 

The renowned Michael Eavis is an English dairy farmer who co-created the Glastonbury Festival, held annually on his farm in Somerset.

Mr. Eavis’ political views shape from nonconformist traditions within his family and time spent as a miner while employed by the National Union of Mineworkers.

During the early 1980s, he played an active role in setting up a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament branch locally itself too nescient at that time to begin an activism journey.

An interesting fact about him is that he converted this festival into one for raising funds for CND during 1981-1987, highlighting his involvement in agriculture and activism.

This resulted in developing a cultural & political landscape with a passion for music and social causes.

Michael Eavis Wife Liz Eavis

A visionary, Michael Eavis has had an interesting life story involving three marriages.

His chance encounters with people at costume parties or musical festivals, such as his current partner Liz Eavis, played a significant role in shaping these relationships.

He ultimately married Liz Eavis after the passing of his previous wife, Jean Hayball, in 1999.

Michael Eavis Wife
Michael Eavis with his wife Liz during the Mendip District Council “Decision” meeting. (source: gettyimages)

They first met at a medieval-themed party during the Y2K era. He was dressed like a high-ranking clergy member, and the party was filled with excitement and festivity.

Little did they know this chance encounter would start a significant chapter in their lives.

Michael’s wife has taken on a significant role at Glastonbury Festival due to her medical expertise. As the appointed secretary of Worthy Farm, she oversees the logistical operation of the event with great responsibility.

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Michael Eavis Children 

It is undeniable that Michael Eavis’ lasting success and legacy lie in founding and establishing one of the world’s most celebrated music festivals: Glastonbury.

Despite having a hectic schedule, this exceptional individual has achieved personal success through three thriving marriages and raising four children.

Michael Eavis
Michael Eavis with his daughter, Emily. (source: somersetlive)

His first marriage to Ruth blessed him with daughters Juliet, Rebecca, and Jane, while his second marriage to Jean resulted in the birth of Patrick and Emily. Sadly, Jean passed away from Cancer.

He is currently married to Liz, and they have two children together.

Family is hugely important to Michael, both personally and professionally. Indeed he believes that some of Glastonbury’s unique magic stems from the close bonds between himself.

His loved ones and long-time farm visitors. Many ideas around how best to evolve & grow their festival have been discussed at Worthy Farm over countless cups of tea, a testament to their deep connections as a family.

Despite everything else on his plate as its founder & chief organizer, Michael always makes time for other priorities like taking recent addition baby George out exploring amongst the fields for walks.

Soon enough, he’ll follow in Grandpa’s footsteps enjoying everything Glastonbury has to offer in person!

Michael Eavis Net Worth 2023

The innovative mind behind Glastonbury Festival, Michael Eavis, owns an estimated net worth that varies significantly from one source to another.

Some assert that his wealth amounts to about £1.2 million, while others place it at around £3 million.

The man is known for applying environmental policies and advocating social justice throughout his endeavors.

Despite running a successful farming business and organizing an event like Glastonbury Festival, which grosses over £2 million in profits annually, Mr. Eavis makes do with an accountable and moderate annual income of only £60k.

During the inaugural exhibition of this important festival in 1970, entry tickets were priced at only one pound.

This is a testament to Mr. Eavis’s unwavering passion for promoting egalitarian values through the unifying power of music and culture.

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