Gabrielle Blackman Husband Peter Blackman, Children And Age Gap Revealed

Gabrielle Blackman Husband

Gabrielle Blackman husband is Peter Blackman. Gabrielle ‘Gaby’ is a renowned British interior designer who has also worked for the BBC One DIY SOS, where she helped transform houses as well as the lives of the ones who are in need.

The British designer is one of the most famous designers who designs for her clients and even builds for them. She is also a BAFTA award-winning interior designer who is also a writer, Art Director, speaker, and media sensation.

Blackman has fabulous designing skills, which she has been using for the past two decades to design luxurious yachts or penthouses. She can also design old historic castles and practical family houses.

Meet Gabrielle Blackman Husband Peter

Gabrielle is married to Peter Blackman. The interior designer has not shared any information about her husband. Maybe she does not want the media and the paparazzi’s disturbing their private and work life, or he does not want the limelight.

However, both of them are doing a lot of social work by collecting charities and donating those amount to the one that needs them.

Gabrielle Blackman Husband
Gaby’s first day in BBC DIY SOS. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Gaby has written for The Times, The Guardians, Daily Mail, and many others. She is also a media sensation as she has appeared for many brands in media in the form of public appearances.

She even owns her own interior designing company called Gabrielle Blackman Interiors which is based in London and the West Country.

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Gabrielle Blackman Children

Gaby and Peter have two children at present, Cecelia and Beatrice. Just like her husband, she has not shared any information about her children as well.

This may be because of various reasons like security or not wanting the media to meddle in their personal space.

The couple also used to have a son named Gus Blackman, who sadly passed away in February 2006. The son passed away due to a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrom. It is a heart disease that weakens the heart’s ability to pump blood normally.

Peter Blackman also started a fundraising program after the death of his son Gus called Riding For Gus.

Gabrielle Blackman Husband
Peter Blackman’s organising Fundraising program for Child Bereavement UK. Riding for Gus.

In this program, he raises money by going on marathons but now does cycling where he earns some money and donates it to the hospital for the one who needs it.

Gabrielle was deeply saddened by her son’s sudden demise and even reflected on her grief in her last episode of DIY SOS. She said,” When you’re in the middle of grief, in the middle of a massive crisis, you can’t decide which sandwich you want. Let alone how you want your house to look.”

She said,” Yeah and I can’t still talk about it. I know what it’s like to fall, have the rug pulled from you very unexpectedly.”

Gabrielle and Peter Age Gap

Gabrielle was born in October 1973. She is based in London, United Kingdom. As of today, she is 50 years old. She hasn’t shared much information about herself.

The talented designer started her career in the luxurious yacht sector, and her latest project was a penthouse in Hongkong.

Gabrielle Blackman Husband
Gabrielle Blackman on the red carpet at the TV Choice Magazine. ( Source: Instagram)

The award-winning designer’s husband’s age has not been revealed yet. So, it is unsure about the age gap between them. But as seen in their photos posted by them, they love each other which proves that age does not define love between people.

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