Mariana Lestelle Wikipedia Bio, Edad – How Old Is She? Instagram Explored

Mariana Lestelle

People are searching for Mariana Lestelle wikipedia. She is a Hospital & Health Care Professional from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently residing in Olavarría.

With a solid educational background, she obtained her degree from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires between 1984 and 1989.

Dr. Mariana actively utilizes social media platforms to share valuable information about the medical field and health in general. She focuses on skin care programs and other fields, sharing insightful tips and advice with her followers.

She revealed her second book during the Libros en Olavarría exhibition. The book, titled “The Stress Labyrinth,” garnered significant public attention in the Council session area. As a local author, she proudly claims that her work has achieved best-seller status within the self-help genre.

Through her writing, she aims to raise awareness about the impact of stress on our lives and emphasize the importance of effectively managing it without compromising our physical well-being.

Mariana Lestelle Wikipedia Bio

Mariana Lestelle, a Medical Doctor (MD) from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), found herself in controversy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It all began when actress Nancy Dupláa expressed her support for the government’s campaign to build confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine by vaccinating influential media figures like Moria Casán.

Upon reading this statement, Dr. Lestelle took to Twitter to criticize Dupláa. She voiced her discontent, stating that if Dupláa were to receive the vaccine before her father, she would openly criticize the actress. This sparked a heated conflict between the two individuals.

Mariana Lestelle Wikipedia
Mariana Lestelle wikipedia: She is a health professional graduate from the University of Buenos Aires. (Source: Twitter)

In another separate incident, Lestelle was caught up in a controversy surrounding her salary at Ioma, a health insurance provider. Reports suggested that her salary exceeded 4,000 pesos, significantly higher than other professionals in similar roles earned.

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Mariana Lestelle Edad – How Old Is She? 

Doctor Lestelle’s exact age remains unknown, but by her appearance and years of experience in the medical field, it is estimated that she may be in her 50s.

Her father, Alberto Lestelle, is a former Secretary of State of Menemism and a medical doctor. He served as the national Secretary of the Fight against Drug Trafficking from 1989 to 1996 under President Carlos Menem.

Mariana Lestelle family
Doctor Lestelle with her family members. (Source: Instagram)

She has become a notable media figure since appearing on various TV programs to discuss disease prevention and related issues.

She has established herself as a reliable source of information on gossip programs since the 1990s. Her credibility arises from being the go-to person for reliable information; therefore, we can trust what she shares.

Mariana Lestelle Instagram Explored

Dr. Mariana, known by her Instagram handle @marianalestelle, is a prominent figure in the medical field with an impressive following of 10.9k on the popular social media platform.

Utilizing Instagram as a medium, she aims to share valuable information related to various medical fields, offering insights and guidance to her followers.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Dr. Mariana generously shares her personal life on Instagram. Frequently, she shares heartwarming snapshots capturing precious moments with her loving husband, daughters, and family.

Mariana Lestelle
Mariana is spending time with her daughter. (Source: Instagram)

On April 22, 2023, she wrote a significant post reflecting on a decade-old initiative born out of compassion and necessity for her friend, Merlina.

This endeavor addressed the lack of wig banks in government hospitals, an essential resource for cancer patients experiencing hair loss due to treatment.

Dr. took the initiative by organizing a campaign on Twitter, which garnered huge support from individuals willing to contribute. Today, this initiative continues to flourish.

Dr. Lestelle’s dedication to raising awareness about these challenges provides support and comfort for individuals navigating the complexities of cancer treatment.

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