Comedian Everett Byram Obituary Death Cause And Wife Revealed

The internet users are curious to learn about the Comedian Everett Byram Obituary. As for the GuFundMe page, a person named Laurie Hendricks organized a GoFundMe for the family members of Everett Byram’s family.

A GoFundMe page was just organized fifteen hours ago for Everett Byram’s family members. It is specifically for the costs and expenses of the Funerals and memorials.

Also, as the family members of Everett Byram are going through the unimaginable tragedy, Laurie Hendricks organized it to ease the pain of Byram’s family to the very least. Now, atleast they will not have to worry about the aftermaths of his passing like the expenses of his death with all the funerals and memorials.

Everett Byram Obituary
You can donate the sum you are willing to pay for the victim’s family members through the GoFundMe page. (Source: GoFundMe)

The family has been shocked by how quickly Everett passed away. Then, in order to assist his wife and children adjust to moving across the country to be nearer to relatives, his family begged and begged for donations to pay for the cost of a burial to honor his life and grieve his departure.

You can also donate on the GoFundMe page that our page has linked to. Any sum of donation would mean a lot for the tragic loss and to ease the burden of tragedy to a certain extent to the family members.

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Comedian Everett Byram Obituary: What Was His Death Cause?

As for the Comedian Everett Byram’s obituary, he passed away on 10 February 2023. The location of where he passed away is 37500, a block of Oxford Drive, Palmdale.

The unit which looked over the situation is Palmdale Station. This information is extracted through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

As for Everett Byram’s family members, he is the eldest amongst his nine siblings.

Everett Byram Obituary
Here is also a depiction of what the GoFundMe page of Everett Byram’s look like. You can click the link mentioned above to learn more of how you can donate. (Source: GoFundME)

Everett treasured his friends and family members.In the GoFundMe page, his family members revealed how Everett  once dreamed of becoming a musician.

He once dreamed of becoming a musician, and if you asked him to, he would just pick up a guitar and play some of the songs he had written for his kids to sing them to sleep.

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Everett Byram Wife Revealed

Everett Byram’s wife’s name is Ursula Byram. She currently lived with their one year old twin sons. They only just moved into their new home to raise their beloved little family.

Likewise, he has one son who is currently in Virginia. It was back in the year 2020 when the beloved couple, Everett Byram and Ursula Byram tied a knot together.

Everett’s wife and family members also revealed how he was an excellent cook who got thrilled about discovering new ingredients in little convenience stores.

Not only that, he always made sure his family members had a dish so they could sample whatever he was putting together. He had a gift for making people laugh, and he was happiest when he had brought a grin or smile to their faces.

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