Was Bobby Vivid Daughter Bailey In An Accident? Death Cause Age And GoFundMe

Bailey Vivid

Was Bobby Vivid daughter Bailey in an accident? On February 5, 2023, Bailey was killed in a hit-and-run case. What was her death cause?

Bobby Vivid, the Father of Bailey, is a content creator in TikTok, where he is known by the name Bob. He creates dancing and lisping TikTok videos.

Bobby has over 831.4K followers in TikTok since he has been active on the platform. After including videos with Lil Yachty and Taylor Swift in his video, he gained attention and popularity.

Bailey, Bob’s daughter who lost her life in a tragic accident, also appeared and was featured in some of his TikTok videos. After looking at videos of them together, we can assume they had a good relationship.

Bailey has an account named Bailey Vivid with over 100K followers and was quite active where she posted her lipsync and dance videos.

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Was Bob Vivid Daughter Bailey In An Accident

In 2023, on February 5 Sunday, Bailey daughter of Bob, passed away tragically in a hit-and-run accident in Connellsville, PA.

According to the reports, the crash occurred around 5 pm on Sunday. Even a car ran through a red light and collided with Bailey. The time when the car collided with Bailey was when she was crossing the road.

Bailey Vivid
Bailey Vivid and her father, Bob Vivid, having churros together. (Source: Instagram)

Before being transported to the hospital following the crash, she passed out on the spot after facing some fatal injuries.

Bobby’s world has now been shattered into pieces as he grieves over the death of his beloved daughter untimely death.

How Old Was Bailey When She Died – Death Cause

Bob Vivid, a known TikTok content creator’s daughter, is Bailey Vivid, who died untimely in a tragic accident on February 5, 2023.

She was a victim of hit and run case and did not survive following the death blow. Detailed information about her death cause.

Despite not having detailed information about her death cause, Bailey had faced several fatal injuries following the incident and did not make it through.

Bailey Vivid
Bailey Vivid faced uncertain death. (Source: Instagram)

After suffering several fatal injuries at the scene, she passed away before being transported to the hospital.

Bobby’s daughter, Bailey’s age, is unknown as there is no detailed information about her as her father wants to keep her information private as of 2023.

All members of Bailey’s family, fans, friends and colleagues are praying tribute to her death.

GoFundMe – Fund Raiser Donation Campaign For Bailey Funeral

On February 6, 2023, Bailey’s uncle Adam made a TikTok video regarding her premature demise following the deathblow incident.

Her uncle asked for help with the fans and people worldwide, saying any help would be appreciated.

Jordan Jones created a fundraiser event on GoFundMe, the number one site for fundraising donation programs for Bailey’s funeral, to lift some of the financial burdens from her family.

Bailey Vivid Funeral Fundraiser in GoFundMe
Fundraiser event for Bailey’s funeral organized by Jordan Jones. (Source: GoFundMe)

So far, USD 16,486 has been raised, and the donation goal is marked to USD 25,000.

Among all the donors, Kesley P is the highest donor with a donation of $500. In second and third highest donors are John Yetsconish and Slashed Labs, with a donation of USD 500.

Kelly Benoit is the first donor of this donation campaign with a donation of USD 5.

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