Stanley Wilson Jr Wife – Was He Married? Death Cause And Mental Health

Stanley Wilson Jr Wife

Stanley Wilson Jr Wife does not exist, as the player was single till his death. Stanley was a former American Football player who played for the National team.

A former football cornerback Stanley Wilson Jr has died at a mental hospital after collapsing this month. In August, Mr. Wilson was arrested and kept in custody for his violation. Later in February, he was found as a mentally unstable person and transferred to a State hospital for the lockup.

He was kept in the facility giving different medications specializing in mental health issues. Later, he collapsed and died in the facility. There is no evidence that it was foul play. The results from Autopsy toxicology results are yet to come.

After his career ended as an NFL player, he was into multiple trouble breaking laws. The player’s career ended after he suffered an Achilles injury in early 2008.

Stanley Wilson Jr Wife – Was He Married?

Since Stanley Wilson Jr was single his whole life, he had no wife or was married. There is not much information about his previous relationship as he was not on social media or any media in general. He was secretive about his personal life and later suffered from mental issues.

Ex NFL player Stanley Wilson Jr
Ex NFL player Stanley Wilson Jr. (Source: TMZ Sports)

Stanley Jr. was the son of former football player Stanley William Sr. There is no publicized information about his mother or any siblings. The player was not married or had any relationship; indeed, he did not have any children.

Stanley Wilson Jr Death and Cause

Stanley had a mental illness and was kept in a State Hospital specialized for patients with various mental issues. The player was held in a facility since February and later died after collapsing in the hospital.

The reason behind his death is collapsing, as per the officials of the State Hospital. However, the Autopsy results have not been concluded till now. Some people have considered death foul play, but it is not certain that it could be true.

Stanley Wilson Jr wife
Stanley Wilson Jr with opponent team player Berrien. (TMZ Sports)

The former defensive player was taken down by the third round of the NFL Draft in 2005 and still played for the team for three more seasons. Later in 2008, he suffered an Achilles injury, concluding his football career.

After his career ended, he was found guilty of multiple criminal offenses. He got arrested for violating and breaking into private property, where he was seen doing unusual things.

Stanley Wilson Jr Mental Health

Stanley started losing his cool after retiring from his sports career due to the injury. He was later accused of consuming drugs illegally. Before getting into State Hospital, he was doing some unthinkable things breaking the law.

The former player of the Detroit Lions broke into a $30 million property in Hollywood Hills twice and was accused of breaking and misplacing the items inside the property. Likewise, he broke into the residence again for the second time and took a bath in the fountain using soap in the property, which caused damage of more than $5000 worth.

Stanley Wilson Jr at his prime
Photo of Stanley Wilson Jr at his prime. (TMZ Sports)

The police arrested the player both times and charged him with vandalism and second-degree burglary. There was no connection between Wilson and the property owners he violated.
These were not the only time he broke into houses; in 2016, he got shot in his abdomen for trying to break into a house in Portland and walking around naked in the property and nearby neighborhood.

He was sentenced to jail for about two weeks and had to go through drug treatment as mandatory. After condemning him to punishment, he broke into another completely naked house and got arrested again. Stanley was not in a stable mental state and used drugs before his death.

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