Banes World Allegations – Band Members Accused Of Being Pedophile, Wikpedia Bio

Banes World

Banes World allegations has been the most searched topic on the internet as the band members have been accused of pedophilia. This article will provide you with insights on their Wikipedia bio as well.

The Long Beach, California-based band Bane’s World is led by guitarist and singer-songwriter Shane Blanchard, who also creates and records the music.

Other band members assist in live performances. The band’s music is frequently referred to as synth-heavy alternative/indie pop with an 80s/90s look and a hint of rock from the 1960s and 1970s.

The band has been seen together performing at several local music festivals. There have been a lot of teenagers vibing to their music.

Moreover, with the fame surrounding the band, people have been keeping a very close eye on everything that they do.

Banes World Allegations

According to reports, the band has been very popular among teenagers, meaning that most of the fans are under the age of 18.

There has been an allegation that the frontman of Bane’s World, Shane Blanchard, is a child predictor, and news of him being in a sexual scandal has been circulating on the internet.

Banes World Allegation
The 23-year-old, Shane Blanchard, Long Beach native has since played festivals such as Coachella, Tropicalia and Camp Flog Gnaw among countless smaller scale shows. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, due to the news, the band has been getting tons of backlash from people on the social media platform.

Many have expressed their feelings regarding the allegation via social media, where many have voiced their opinion against the artist.

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Banes World – Band Members Accused Of Being Pedophile

California-based band Bane’s World includes members Michael Seyer, Vincent Reyes, Eric Baisa, and Antonio Aiello, and is led by singer/songwriter and guitarist Shane Blanchard.

However, the lead member has been accused of being a pedophile, and a fan has stated that he has had unconsensual sex with a blacked-out minor.

In addition, the artist did mention the allegation regarding an Instagram post where he declined the allegation and apologized for any discomfort that his fan might have felt during their time together.

Banes World
While SXSW was wooing the band, Shane Blanchard was even referred to be Long Beach’s emerging star. (Source: Instagram)

However, the people on the internet were not pleased by his apology. A person on Reddit wrote, “In reading his apology, it seems that he avoids admitting any fault. This is most likely due to the fact that if he did admit wrongdoing, his statement could be used against him in a court of law. These allegations could potentially lead to charges (and possible jail time). I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some sort of legal oversight on this public statement.”

Moreover, many people were voicing their opinions against the artist and seem to be doing so even though Shane has turned off the comment section on  every post.

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Banes World Wikpedia Bio – explored

The band does not have their own Wikipedia page yet on the internet, despite having a huge fan base.

Banes World is a band from California that has gained popularity among teenagers.Many teenage girls have been flirting among the band members.

Bane’s World put out his debut album on iTunes in 2016. Blanchard’s SoundCloud releases are included on the CD.

Banes World
Together, the group members experimented with recording in a studio, which was Blanchard’s first time. (Source:

The band is led by guitarist and singer-songwriter Shane Blanchard, who also helps with the live performances. Other band members include Michael Seyer, Vincent Reyes, Eric Baisa, and Antonio Aiello.

However, there have been few updates regarding the band due to the tour that they have been on.

Moreover, it looks like the band member has been working on an individual project. They have not posted about the band in a while.





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