Who Is Lindsey Bell, Danny Duncan Girlfriend? Dating History And Relationship Timeline 2023

Danny Duncan. Girlfriend

Danny Duncan Girlfriend: Previously, Lindsey Bell was in a relationship with the drummer of the We the Kings band. However, is their relationship still ongoing?

Danny Duncan is a prominent figure in the music industry, notably recognized as a member of the pop-punk band We The Kings member.

The band’s claim to fame includes winning an MTV Music Award for Most Innovative Music Video of the Year, an accolade they earned for their song “Say You Like Me.”

His role in the band involves contributing to the group’s musical prowess alongside fellow members, including frontman Travis Clark, bassist Charles Trippy, lead guitarist Hunter Thomsen, and keyboard player Coley O’Toole.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Duncan has ventured into content creation, launching a YouTube channel where he provides fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

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Who Is Lindsey Bell, Danny Duncan’s Girlfriend?

Lindsey Bell, once known for associating with Danny Duncan, the drummer from We The Kings, has established her remarkable identity as an accomplished American businesswoman.

Significant achievements in the corporate world have marked her career.

Currently holding the esteemed position of Chief Strategist at 248 Ventures, Lindsey’s professional journey has taken her through prestigious financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and S&P Global.

Danny Duncan girlfriend
Danny Duncan’s former girlfriend, Lindsay Bell, often appeared in his YouTube videos. (Source: YouTube)

Her impressive trajectory underscores her unwavering dedication and expertise within the financial sector.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Bell has created a fulfilling life for herself in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here, she resides with her husband and children, embodying the art of successfully juggling the demands of a dynamic career with the joys of family life.

Danny Duncan Dating History

Danny Duncan’s dating history has seen various phases, including significant relationships before his marriage to Valentina Guerrero.

Before marrying Valentina Guerrero, the musician was in a relationship with Lindsey Bell, as mentioned previously.

Although they were together at one point, their relationship eventually ended.

Danny Duncan Girlfriend
Pictured: Danny Duncan with his wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

In 2020, the drummer took a significant step in his romantic journey by marrying Valentina Guerrero.

Their marriage marked a new chapter in his life, signifying a solid commitment to each other.

Since their union, they have welcomed two sons and continued building their lives together while pursuing their individual careers and sharing their experiences with their fans on social media.

Danny Duncan Relationship Timeline in 2023

Danny Duncan and Valentina Guerrero reached a significant milestone when they married in 2020. Their wedding marked a new chapter in the musician’s life, solidifying their love and commitment.

It was a special occasion celebrated with their close friends and family, representing their shared future as a married couple.

In 2017, the couple welcomed their son, Carter, on August 26th. Becoming parents was a significant turning point in their relationship, bringing the duties and joys of raising kids.

The pair have a presence on social media, giving their fans a peek into their lives together and as parents.

This online connection allows them to share their journey and bond personally.

Danny Duncan Girlfriend
Danny Duncan’s wife is a Social media personality, primarily on Instagram, where she is known as “thatvalentinagirl.”(Source: Instagram)

While the musician continues with his music career and YouTube videos, Valentina has built her own following on Instagram as “thatvalentinagirl.”

She is widely known for her relationship with Danny and their family life.

His love life has dramatically changed since his relationship with Lindsey Bell. Marrying Valentina in 2020, having their son, and pursuing their careers have profoundly shaped their lives.

Lindsey has also moved forward in her own life and work. But Danny and Valentina share their experiences with fans, showing their lives as a couple and parents.

Their story shows how relationships evolve, and people can find happiness in different aspects of life.

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