What Happened To Rei Ive? Kpop Star’s Health And Family Explored

Rei Ive

Rei is a Japanese rapper and singer who debuted in 2021 as a member of the South Korean girl group IVE under Starship Entertainment. However, fans of Rei and IVE were shocked and worried when Starship Entertainment announced that Rei would be taking a break from group activities. So, What Happened To Rei Ive?

Rei is a rising K-pop star who debuted as a member of the girl group IVE.

She is the first Japanese idol to debut under the agency and has impressed fans with her rap skills, visuals, and bilingualism. 

Rei decided to pursue her dream of becoming a K-pop idol when she was 15 years old.

What Happened To Rei Ive? Kpop Star’s Health Update

According to the agency’s statement, Rei experienced abnormal symptoms such as heart palpitations and stuffiness and was advised by the hospital to rest and recover.

They did not specify her condition’s exact cause or diagnosis, but assured fans that they would do their best to support her health and well-being.

Rei’s hiatus comes shortly after the release of IVE’s first full album ‘I’ve IVE’, which has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

 Rei Ive
Rei for the promotion of Ive first album. (Source: Instagram)

Rei has expressed her gratitude and love for her fans in a heartfelt handwritten letter, where she also shared her special relationship with flowers and her mother.

Rei’s absence from IVE’s activities will undoubtedly affect the group’s dynamics and performance, as she is one of the main rappers and vocalists of the group.

She promised to return with a healthier and brighter image and asked for her fans’ support and understanding.

Fans expressed their love and support for Rei on social media, using hashtags such as #GetWellSoonRei and #WeLoveYouRei.

 Fans are hopeful that Rei will recover soon and join her members again, as they have shown a strong bond and friendship since their pre-debut days.

We wish Rei a speedy recovery and hope that she will take care of herself and her health.

We also hope IVE will continue to show their amazing music and performance as a group of six talented and beautiful girls.

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Rei Ive Family Explored

Rei was born in Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Japan on February 3, 2004. She has an older sister who is also a fan of IVE.

Rei’s parents are both Japanese, and they live in Aichi Prefecture. Rei’s father is a businessman who works for a multinational company.

He travels a lot for his job, but he always makes time to call Rei and check on her. He also sends her gifts and souvenirs from different countries.

What Happened To Rei Ive
Rei with band members of IVE. (Source: Instagram)

Rei’s mother is a housewife who takes care of Rei’s sister and their dog. She loves cooking and baking, and she often sends Rei Japanese snacks to the dorm.

Rei’s parents are very proud of their daughter and her achievements. They have visited Seoul several times to see Rei and attend her events. 

Rei grew up loving music and dancing, and she auditioned for Starship Entertainment in Japan when she was 15 years old. She passed the audition and moved to Seoul, South Korea to train as an idol.

Rei is very close with her IVE members, who are Gaeul, Yujin, Liz, Wonyoung, and Leeseo. They are like sisters to her, and they support each other through thick and thin.

She participated in writing the rap parts for some of the songs in IVE’s discography, such as “Royal”, “After Like”, “Kitsch”, “Hypnosis”, “Not Your Girl”, and “Next Page”.

She also showed off her rap skills in various shows such as Weekly Idol and Spotify Singles.

Rei has gained a lot of attention for her stunning visuals that resemble actress Nishino Nanase and singer SHINee Minho.

Rei has also been active in various endorsements such as Bonajour, FCMM, and Peach C.

Rei is one of the most popular and influential K-pop idols of her generation and has a loyal fanbase both in Korea and abroad.

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