Is Jimmy Page Asian? Ethnicity And Religion, Family

Jimmy Page Asian

Is Jimmy Page Asian? The query has piqued the curiosity of many as the celebrated artist’s ethnicity takes center stage in the public’s eye.

Page is recognized as the founding member and guitarist of the globally acclaimed rock band Led Zeppelin.

The famous rock guitarist holds the record with over 300 million total record sales, along with the band Led Zeppelin.

Likewise, many consider Page the most versatile multi-instrumentalist in living memory.

Besides, the English musician, songwriter, and record producer started his career as a session guitarist in London.

In the 1960s, Page contributed to the records of several widely known performers of the era, including The Who, The Kinks, and The Rolling Stones.

Besides, he served as the lead guitarist for the Yardbirds 1966, a British rock group. Moreover, the guitarist took over as frontman when Jeff Beck left the group.

Reportedly, Jimmy owned more than 1,500 beautiful and eccentric guitars. However, the legendary guitarist played Gibson Les Paul for most of his career.

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Is Jimmy Page Asian? Ethnicity Revealed

Jimmy Page is not Asian. James Patrick Page OBE, stage name Jimmy Page, hails from Heston, Middlesex, England.

Reportedly, Page is Irish on his mother’s side. Hence, it is safe to say that he has a lot of Irish traits. Undoubtedly, the musician is very Irish-looking, with hooded green eyes and black natural hair.

Jimmy Page Asian Ethnicity
Jimmy Page Asian: The lead guitarist’s mother is Irish. (Source: The Times)

Perhap, Led Zeppelin’s lead guitarist seems uninterested in revealing his ethnic ties. 

British national Jimmy Page has established himself as one of Europe’s and the region’s accomplished musicians, expanding his career globally. 

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Jimmy Page Religion Explored

As Led Zeppelin is notorious for using satanic imagery within their artistic output, there arises a speculation regarding whether Jimmy Page is an occultist.

Rumors online suggest that the lead guitarist is deeply fascinated with the dark world. However, Jimmy certainly has never flat-out or denied the constant swirling gossip regarding his association with Satanism.

The first real glimpse into how the legendary artist ingrained the worlds of Satanism and music blends in Led Zeppelin’s iconic 1970 track, ‘Stairway To Heaven.’

Many believed that the music borrowed a subliminal satanic message. Also, conspiracies revealed that when listened to backward, the song allegedly features the verse reading: “Oh, here’s to my sweet Satan, The one whose little path made me sad, Whose power is Satan……”

However, the guitarist attempted to keep his ethnicity and religion close to his chest. He once revealed to Rolling Stone:

I do not really want to reveal on my personal beliefs or my involvement in magic.

Also, I am not interested in turning anybody on to anybody that I’m turned on to. If people want to find things, they figure out about them themselves.

It seems like Page focuses more on his professional endeavors rather than being involved in religious controversies. 

Meet Jimmy Page Family And Parents

Legendary guitarist Jimmy Page was born to James Patrick Page and Patricia Elizabeth Gaffikin on 9 January 1944. Likewise, his family raised him in the west London suburb of Heston.

Jimmy Page Asian family
Jimmy Page Asian: The lead guitarist developed a passion for music early on. (Source: Outsider)

Jimmy’s father worked as a personnel manager at a plastic coatings plant, while his mother served as a doctor’s secretary.

1952, Page’s family moved to Feltham, eventually settling in Miles Road, Epsom, in Surrey.

Jimmy’s parents admitted him to Epsom County Pound Lane Primary School. When he turned eleven, his family admitted him to Ewell County Secondary School in West Ewell. 

While he has rarely revealed his parents’ details, the famous guitarist has shared how his family supported his career and dream.

Eventually, Page’s family allowed him to focus on his music career. Despite the rare communication with the media, the musician was glad that his family didn’t avert him and knew they had his best interests at heart.

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