Andrew Tate Lung Cancer, Is He Suffering From Lung Nodule? Health Update And Age

The media giant Andrew Tate has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The  Former Kickboxer is undergoing treatment in Dubai.

Tate has been known for a while for his controversial thoughts and posts on his social media. The British native lived in the U.S..

However, Andrew was being interrogated in Romania on suspicion of rape and human trafficking. During his stay in prison, his health was noticeably deteriorating.

Tate III was kept in prison for 30 days, which was extended to 60 days. Some reports suggest he lost more than 10kgs which is a common symptom of lung cancer. 

Andrew Tate Lung Cancer 

According to his doctor, Andrew Tate’s chest CT scan shows a sizeable lesion in the posterior segment of the right upper lobe. 

The convicted was frequently seen visiting the hospital. This had created a buzz on the internet that he was suffering from a serious illness.

The Romanian also was not treated properly within the prison. He was not allowed to meet with anyone, even his children. he frequently said on his Twitter that he was badly mistreated inside the jail. However, the convicted is not proven innocent either.

Apart from cancer, the younger Tate brother leads a very healthy life and did not suffer from any illnesses other than asthma.

His cigar addiction might be the reason for his deteriorating health condition as the influencer promotes cigars over vapes himself.

Turns out a cigar is not accepted by his body as well. The doctor also said that cancer could now be incurable

Andrew Tate Lung Cancer
Andrew Tate’s doctor told that it’s likely fatal cancer on Twitter.(Source: Twitter)

Andrew Tate’s lung cancer is still a probability as his doctor’s post suggests.

However, he surely needs to be taken urgently to complete the tests or else it could also result in death.
A report was also previously published stating that Andrew had lost 10 kilograms of weight, which is also a sign of cancer, especially for an athlete, and health-conscious like Tate, so the matter is not normal.

Top G is now in Dubai carrying on further diagnosis and treatment. The illness turns out to be a lung nodule which might be also lung cancer.

The UAE must carry out these medical examinations without delay, and any further delay will have a serious negative impact.

Tate suffers from a tumor in the trachea, bronchi, and lungs which has an unknown and unpredictable evolution. Andrew Tate is thus recommended a CT-guided puncture to take tissue from the tumor formation.

The doctor who did Andrew Tate’s investigation explained In the situation where the lesion is benign

As of now,  Lung resection is recommended to rule out the lesion as soon as possible. Similarly, the risks of infection and malignant transformation are considerably high.

However, with the amount of wealth and willpower, he has got cancer may not be fatal for him. Top G is still to address himself about his health.

Andrew Tate Cancer
Andrew Tate escorted by police handcuffed to his brother Tristan. (Source: NewsSky)

Andrew Tate age

Andrew was born on the 1st of December, 1986. His full name is Emory Andrew Tate III.

He was born in Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the USA. However, his age doesn’t define him. He is still a professional athlete who constantly trains himself to remain fit and healthy.

Top G is still an asset to society with so much to give. We wish for his speedy recovery.

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