Angela Grier, Young Thug Sister Passed Away – Death Cause And Siblings

Young Thug Sister

 After Young Thug Sister Passed Away, left many people shocked. The news of her death has garnered attention and condolences from fans and supporters alike. The details surrounding her passing are yet to be disclosed.

Young Thug is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter who has gained immense popularity in the hip-hop industry for his unique style.

Young began his music career in 2010, releasing a series of mixtapes that gained him a growing fanbase in Atlanta’s underground rap scene.

He gained wider recognition in 2013 with his mixtape “1017 Thug,” which featured collaborations with Gucci Mane and other prominent artists.

His breakthrough came in 2014 with the release of his single “Stoner,” which quickly became a viral hit and catapulted him to mainstream success.

Since then, Young has released several critically acclaimed albums and mixtapes, including “Barter 6,” “Jeffery,” “Beautiful Thugger Girls,” and “So Much Fun.”

Angela Grier, Young Thug Sister Passed Away – Death Cause

Angela Grier, Young Thug Sister, tragically passed away on March 25th, 2023.

Though the reason behind her death is unknown, various media outlets have confirmed the news of her passing on social media.

It has been reported that Angela would meet her brother before her demise.

Young Thug Sister Passed Away
Young Thug Sister Angela Grier Passed Away (Source: rawnigeria)

However, Young has put on a brave face and shared that he is doing well despite the heartbreaking news.

He even hinted at having some exciting news to share shortly.

As the family mourns the loss of their loved one, the exact circumstances of Angela’s passing are still unclear.

Fans worldwide have sent their heartfelt condolences to the rapper and his family during this trying time.

Losing a family member is unimaginable, and it remains to be seen how Young and his family will cope with this tragic event.

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Young Thug Siblings

Jeffery Lamar Williams, famously known as Young Thug, was born in Atlanta on August 16, 1991. Growing up, he lived in Jonesboro South Projects with his ten siblings, who all had different biological fathers.

As the youngest of all siblings, Young and his sister were especially close.

One of his brothers died when Young Thug was still young, which was sad for the family.

Despite their hardships, Thug’s family remained supportive of each other. His brother, Unfoonk, is also a rapper and spent over a decade in prison for a murder charge.

Young Thug
Young Thug attends His 25th Birthday Celebration (Source: Getty Images)

However, with the help of his younger brother, Young, Unfoonk was able to get out of prison early.

In 2019, after 11 years behind bars, Unfoonk was finally released and quickly joined his brother’s record label, YSL records.

Thug later signed his brother to YSL in 2020, and Unfoonk appeared on the chart-topping album Slime Language 2 in 2021.

Not only is Unfoonk part of YSL records but Thug’s sisters, Dolly White and Dora, are also signed to the label.

Dolly once mentioned that their family grew up in poor conditions, but they always supported and cared for each other, despite the circumstances. Their mother played R&B music around the House, and the siblings chose their form of entertainment.

As early as elementary school, their Uncle Bert would encourage them to perform talent shows during family gatherings and cookouts.

Eventually, they started following their musical interests, with Unfoonk writing raps at their Father’s House when he was only 15.

Dolly and Dora later joined them in the studio, where they spent much time listening to various artists.

Unfoonk and Thug were drawn to rap music, particularly No Limit and Cash Money. At the same time, Dolly and Dora enjoyed listening to hip-hop legends like Tupac, Biggie, and DMX, as well as Black pop icons such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

Overall, Thug’s upbringing in a large, supportive family helped shape his musical journey, leading to his success as one of the most influential and innovative rappers in the music industry today.

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