Dale Meeks Wife – Was He Married? Family Age And Cause of Death

Dale Meeks

People are curious to know about Dale Meeks Wife. The Actor passed away on April 22, 2023, and people are searching for more detail about his marital life.

Dale Meeks, a celebrated English Actor, has made a significant mark in theatre and television. He is best known for portraying Simon Meredith in the British British Drama Emmerdale.

Besides Emmerdale, Meeks showcased his acting prowess in the teen TV Drama series Byker Grove.

In this show, he played the role of Greg, a gang Leader from the rival youth club Denton Burn. In addition to his television work, Meeks has also showcased his talent in live theatre performances.

He has worked on several successful productions, showcasing his acting versatility.

Dale Meeks Wife – Was He Married?

As per a recent report from Nayag News, it has been revealed that Dale, the famous Actor, was married to his long-term partner, Sarah Meeks.

The couple had been together for over two decades and had been blessed with two children.

However, it is worth mentioning that Sarah has not yet issued any public statement regarding her husband’s unfortunate demise.

Despite this, several other media outlets have claimed that Dale was unmarried and had no children.

Dale Meeks Wife
Dale Meeks played Simon Meredith on Emmerdale (Source: WalesOnline)

According to them, he was a lifelong bachelor, and his love for acting gave him plenty of time to spend alone.

However, we couldn’t find concrete evidence to support this claim; thus, whether Dale was married remains unclear.

Dale had always been private and didn’t reveal much about his life to the public. As a result, it is challenging to gather information about his marital status and family life.

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Dale Meeks Family Age

Dale Weeks, a well-known English Actor, was born on May 6, 1974, in South Shields, Tyne, and Wear. He spent his entire life in his birthplace and was raised there.

Sadly, on April 22, 2023, he passed away at 48, leaving a legacy in the entertainment industry.

Not much is known about his family, but his brother Philip Meeks shared that he struggled with serious health issues before his tragic death.

A family member announced his passing on Facebook on April 23, leaving fans and colleagues in shock and mourning.

Dale Meeks
Dale Meeks has not shared m uch about his family (Source: theguardian)

Dale started his acting career by playing the role of Greg in the BBC1 series Byker Grove.

His portrayal of Hips on the BBC program Breezeblock made a lasting impression on audiences.

He also won viewers’ hearts by appearing in ITV’s Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes, showcasing his musical talents as the Blues Brothers with co-star Mark Charnock.

In his most recent work, Dale appeared in the ITV Drama The Hunt for Raoul Moat, playing the character of Moat’s friend Rory Sutcliffe.

Dale Meeks Cause of Death

A talented Emmerdale Actor Dale passed away on 22 April 2023. The Actor, who was 48 years old, passed away from heart failure on a Saturday night at South Tyneside Hospital.

The brother of the Actor, Philip Meeks, spoke about his immense grief upon hearing of his brother’s passing.

He revealed that the day of the King’s coronation was also supposed to be his brother’s 49th birthday, making the loss all the more painful.

Dale Meeks
Dale Meeks passed away due to heart failure (Source: Twitter)

Sadly, the Actor was struggling with undiagnosed conditions, and despite his brother’s efforts to support him, he could not cope.

Philip spoke out about recognizing the pain of those who may appear successful. He highlighted the need for greater awareness of the dangers of undiagnosed conditions in men in their forties.

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