Chloe Jones Missing Update 2023: Is Kidnapper William Mozingo Arrested?

Chloe Jones missing

Chloe Jones missing case: Chloe, an Ohio woman, was allegedly abducted and physically assaulted by a man with a history of similar crimes against other women.

Video footage captured the tense moment when law enforcement officers, armed and ready, encircled the shed to apprehend a repeat offender.

Upon entering the suspect’s shed and calling out to check for any other potential occupants, the police observed an individual descending a ladder from the upper floor.

As she turned to face them, it became apparent that she had sustained two black eyes.

Jones intends to use her image and personal experience as a cautionary tale for other women.

She revealed that her abductor, a 33-year-old man named William Mozingo, had extended an offer to drive her home, a decision she regrets making.

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Chloe Jones Missing Update 2023

The police successfully liberated a woman who had been confined against her will in a garage for several days.

A convicted kidnapper was accused of forcibly detaining a 23-year-old woman for four days in Akron, Ohio.

The arrest and rescue were documented by police body-cam footage. Chloe’s mother revealed that her daughter had suffered severe injuries from the beatings.

Law enforcement officers took William Mozingo Junior into custody, and he could be heard on the video still expressing his affection for 23-year-old Chloe Jones before being transported to jail.

Chloe Jones missing
                                               A picture of Chloe Jones taken before her abduction (Source: Fox 8)

Moreover, Jones cautiously descended from a plywood platform inside the garage via a ladder, with the police waiting below.

“He would alternate between comforting her and subjecting her to beatings,” said Jones’ mother, Jessi Barham.

Barham added that Mozingo Junior had used a baseball bat and his fists to assault her daughter, even going as far as threatening to harm her.

Is kidnapper William Mozingo arrested?

Another victim of Mozingo, Mackenzie Mastin, recounts her ordeal, stating that she was abducted in 2017.

Additionally, Mozingo was found guilty of kidnapping Mastin but was released after serving a two-year prison sentence.

Chloe Jones missing
         The image of law enforcement apprehending the individual responsible for the abduction of Chloe (Source: Pinterest)

Also, Mastin mentions that she, like Jones, suffered from black eyes during her ordeal.

Mozingo faces charges of kidnapping Jones, which, in the state of Ohio, can result in a life sentence if he is convicted.

The Jones family urges the authorities to ensure that William Mozingo faces the appropriate consequences for his actions and is not allowed to roam freely in the community.

missing Chloe Jones family seeks help 

Upon meeting William Mozingo, Jones initially perceived him as non-threatening. When he proposed giving her a ride, she didn’t hesitate.

However, according to the Akron police, Mozingo had different horrible and inhuman plans.

Allegedly, he had no intention of driving her home; instead, he reportedly transported her to a shed, secured the door, and held her against her will.

Chloe Jones missing
                       Chloe Jones was found with the help of the authorities after several days of missing (Source: Pinterest)

Jones’s mother wishes that this fourth case will end Mozingo’s freedom to roam the streets.

“I am furious; this is completely unacceptable,” she stated. Though the harm has already been inflicted, Jones seeks justice and believes speaking out will contribute to that cause.

She expressed, “You shouldn’t be able to lead a normal life. I hope that this brings his actions to light.”

In addition, a GoFundMe page has been established for Jones to help her recover from the traumatic phase she suffered. 

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