Youtuber: Acheeto Face Reveal Real Name Girlfriend And Age

Acheeto Face Reveal and age

Acheeto followers wonder if their favorite content creator has done his name and face reveal on his YouTube channel. The decently famous YouTuber has successfully hidden his identity. So, the YouTube community wanted to know about Acheeto Face Reveal. 

Acheeto is a known influencer and YouTube personality with more than 336 Thousand followers as of this writing. The YouTuber specializes in commentary and recreation content. 

Acheeto connects with his followers via Discord servers, and the platform has made him famous among the users. 

YouTube and Discord are popular service platforms among game fans, where they can comment on their favorite creators. So, Acheeto’s good reach on the platforms is his plus point.

The famous commentary channel owner enjoys interacting with his followers. Generally, some YouTubers are known for keeping their face or names secret from the audience. Acheeto Face’s unrevealed face develops curiosity and allows fans to stay updated.

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Acheeto Face Reveal: What Is His Real Name?

Generally, many commentary channel YouTubers are known for keeping their identities secret from the audience. Acheeto’s hidden identity allowed his followers to keep track until he purposefully revealed his face on 17 August 2021.

The famous YouTuber first revealed his face in one of his videos on YouTube. The video titled Face Reveal (deleting soon) was uploaded in 2021.  The uploaded video has garnered over 505 Thousand views and 30.8 Thousand likes as of this writing. 

Acheeto Face Reveal
Acheeto released his Face Reveal video on 17 August 2021. (Source: YouTube)

However, Acheeto has not openly uploaded videos showing his face clearly. In a way, he feels hesitation in showing his face in public. The YouTuber writes: 

“Commentary channel with a whole lotta swag. Here to speak my mind.”

Acheeto described his face reveal and requested followers not to share toxicity and hate comments. He joined the platform on 26 April 2018 and has garnered over 63 million views. 

The YouTuber has been making content, hiding his real face. The man launched his fictional green-eyed mask superhero face and doodle 2D character, introducing his unique take on expressing himself in public.

Likewise, he has been active on Instagram and Twitter and provides links on his social media on his main YouTube channel. 

Speaking of her follower count on various platforms, Smokeebee currently has more than 395 Thousand subscribers on her YouTube account and has generated at least 122 Million views.

In a short period, Acheeto has accumulated millions of views with over 644 videos. 

Likewise, the famous commentary YouTuber hasn’t revealed his real name on the platforms.

There is no way to confirm his real name as there are several fake names regarding Acheeto. The man has used the name to make content since the beginning, as his real name is currently under wraps.

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Acheeto Age And Girlfriend

Speaking of his age, Wikitubia confirms Acheeto was born on 1 January 2004. However, there is no way to confirm this fact. He essentially uploads commentary videos revolving around popular YouTubers. 

The American YouTuber looks like he is in his late twenties. He gained audiences for releasing his gaming and other channel review content.

Acheeto age
Acheeto lives a low-key life. (Source: YouTube)

There is limited information regarding Acheeto, as the YouTuber rarely mentions his dating life. He keeps his personal life, including his relationship status, away from the spotlight.

Although he has an Instagram account with a decent following, his IG handle is now unavailable on the web. Also, his Twitter handle has only 6.7 Thousand followers as of this writing, and he shares very less about his personal life.

Moreover, Acheeto has not hinted and made a huge reveal regarding his girlfriend. He describes himself as a person with a“whole lotta swag” on his YouTube channel. He loves sharing his professional work and has recently gained millions of audiences. 

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