Filian Vtuber Face Reveal, Real Name Gender Age And Height


Filian Vtuber Face Reveal is the most searched topic on the internet, as her fans are desperate to know her real identity. This article will provide insights on her real name, gender, age, and height.

Filian is a well-known YouTuber, social media influencer, and virtual Twitch streamer. She has gained a lot of followers due to her video content.

The Twitch streamer has generated interest among her followers by keeping her real identity hidden. It is common in the streaming industry to keep the identity anonymous, as it generates curiosity in the viewers, leading them to keep track of the streamer’s account.

Moreover, the social media influencer represents herself with a 3D model of a girl. The character has white hair, a pair of fox ears, and a tail.

Filian Vtuber Face Reveal

No, the Twitch streamer has not done a face reveal on her channel yet, but she has been hiding her real face since her debut in the live streaming service.

However, during a live session where the streamer was googling her name to show her followers what kind of images appeared, she was shocked to see a human face on the Google images that showed up under her name.

The avatar of the Twitch streamer. (Source: Twitter)

The Youtuber denied that it was her real face in the live session and was uncertain why the picture appeared under her name, but her friend streamer was teasing her that she had exposed her face.

In addition, some people on the internet also believe that the image is her real face, despite the user’s denials.

Moreover, the influencer has not posted pictures of herself on her social media accounts, and she still goes by the 3D model.

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Filian Real Name And Gender

The Twitch streamer has not revealed any information on her identity yet. She keeps her real name hidden from social media and goes by her 3D character’s name, Filian, on all her social media handles.

Filian Vtuber Face Reveal
The social media content creator who has kept her identity hidden from her followers and internet. (Source: Twitter)

The Youtuber has not identified herself in terms of gender. When asked about her gender, she said in the live session that she is a YouTuber and her gender does not matter.

However, the 3D model of the social media content creator is a female; even her voice sounds like that of a girl, but she has not identified herself as having a specific gender.

Filian Age And Height

According to, the influencer is estimated to be in her mid-20s. However, she has not shared any information about her birthday or kept her personal details a secret.

The exact height of the Twitch user has not been shared by her yet, but during a live session, she did mention that she is under 5 feet and has to climb up on her kitchen counter to reach the cabinet.

The Twitch streamer Filian, had gained popularity in a short period of time. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the Youtuber has only shared her professional life on her social media platforms, sharing clips of her live videos and announcements for her net sessions. Hence, she has not shared much personal information and likes to hide her identity.

The content creator is still loved by her followers online for her content, even though they do not know what she looks like or her personal background.

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