Jiji Plays Scandal Video Viral – What Happened? Real Name Age And Wiki

Jiji Plays

The Jiji Plays Scandal Video that went viral on social media platforms has caught the interest of the public as well as the media. She gained popularity due to the Tiktok app.

A dynamic video game creator from Asia named Jiji Plays is well-known for her work on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

The Youtuber joined YouTube, the largest video sharing app, on September 7, 2020, where she shares her playing of video games, daily blog, challenges, and many more.

The user-generated content website tiktok has been trending on social media for more than a year, and many of its most popular videos feature people dancing to a trending song.

Despite having just recently entered the online gaming industry, the gamer lady is already well-known and successful. Her fans have also been quite supportive of the internet sensation.

Jiji Plays Scandal Video Viral – What Happened?

The social media influencer has been trending on the app Tiktok for quite a long time for a scandalous video that has gone viral, and people are curious to know what actually happened.

Jiji Plays Scandal
The dynamic video game creator whose scandal video has the curiosity of the people. (Source: Instagram)

A video of the gaming content creator went viral a year ago and is still circulating on the Tiktok platform. The video was uploaded by a different Tiktok user, where the Asian influencer was seen kissing a boy.

Similarly, the viral video also circulated in the YouTube community and was viewed by many. However, the content creator has not addressed the situation yet, where it was a private video that was leaked without her consent or was a fake that was created using artificial technology.

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Jiji Plays Real Name 

According to the sources, the real name of the Asian gaming content creator is Jewelry Hershey Dela Cerna. The internet sensation has been working on her content regarding her gaming sessions with other gamers via playing battle video games and earning good amounts of money.

Jiji Plays
The Youtuber who has become financially independent at the young age. (Source: Instagram)

The social media content creator currently has 257k subscribers on her YouTube channel under the user name @jijiplays7299, which will definitely grow in the future given her popularity among the audience.

Moreover, as per Candy, the gamer lady has earned enough money to support her tuition fees from the earnings from her social media platforms.

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Jiji Plays – Age And Wikipedia Bio

The dynamic video game creator has maintained privacy when it comes to her personal life. She has not mentioned her birth date or year on social media.However, she is estimated to be 15 years old, as in the interview with GMA News a year ago, it was mentioned that she was 14 years old.

The Philippines is an island nation nation in Southeast Asia and the birthplace of the TikTok influencer. Her mother’s name is Nhicka Dela Cerna, and her father’s name is Pepito Dela Cerna.

Jiji Plays
The social media influencer who was able to gain popularity in short period of time. ( Source: Instagram)

The youtuber’s father was also a gamer, and she was inspired by her father to try streaming. At the age of 4, her mother used to take her for auditions for commercial shows.

Moreover, the game streamer’s parents have always been supportive toward her career choices, as she mentioned in an interview with GMA News, where she said that they are the reason she has not quit her career, as it was difficult in the beginning and she thought of leaving it.

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