Why Is Deadmau5 Blacklisted From Lamborghini And Ferrari? Net Worth And Age

Why Is Deadmau5 Blacklisted From Lamborghini

Why Is Deadmau5 Blacklisted From Lamborghini? The renowned electronic music producer and DJ is boycotted from the car giant Lamborghini. Discover the reason in this article.

Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, is a DJ and producer of electronic music from Canada.

Under the alias Testpilot, he primarily produces progressive house music, although he also produces and DJs other electronic music subgenres, such as techno.

However, the artist faced a  backlash from high-end luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini. 

The fans are now asking, Why Is Deadmau5 Blacklisted From Lamborghini? Continue reading to find out.

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Why Is Deadmau5 Blacklisted From Lamborghini

After wrapping his Lamborghini Huracán in a unique Nyan Cat design and displaying it on his social media platforms in 2014, Deadmau5 purportedly received a blacklisting from Lamborghini.

According to rumors, Lamborghini objected to the bespoke artwork because they did not want their brand to be connected to the cartoon cat with the rainbow trail.

According to rumors, Lamborghini demanded that Deadmau5 take the special wrap off his car and stop utilizing the Lamborghini insignia in his social media posts in a cease and desist letter.

Deadmau5 with his controversial Lamborghini. (Source: Ideal)

In retaliation, Deadmau5 allegedly disparaged Lamborghini on social media and persisted in using the firm’s logo, resulting in the company placing him on a blacklist.

Note that Lamborghini has not acknowledged the blacklisting and that Deadmau5’s comments and media stories are the only sources of information on the incident.

Whatever the circumstances of the incident, it’s obvious that Deadmau5 and Lamborghini had a falling out over the custom car wrap. The conflict is said to have resulted in the automaker placing a ban on him.

Deadmau5 Net Worth

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Deadmau5’s net worth is $50 million.

Apart from that, he is one of the highest-paid DJs in the world. Forbes mentions his name in 6th position in the list of highest-paid DJs.

It is mentioned that he charges $11.5 million per occasion. His chances of making money were unaffected by wearing a mouse costume and criticizing EDM.

Zimmerman released his debut studio album, titled Get Scraped on July 26, 2005. (Source: Instagram)

Due to a maximum character restriction, he chose the moniker Deadmau5, which alludes to a dead mouse he discovered on his computer.

The artist has also been involved in various business ventures, including a record label, a music production software company, and a virtual reality gaming platform.

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Deadmau5 Age

Deadmau5’s age is 42 years. He was born on January 5, 1981.

Six-time Grammy Awards nominated, Zimmerman was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He grew up with an artistic mother.

His mother, Nancy (née Johnson), is a visual artist, and his father, Rodney Thomas “Rod” Zimmerman, works at a General Motors assembly plant.

Deadmau ultimately sold the wrapped Lamborghini after being blacklisted. (Source: Instagram)

His two siblings are Chris, who is younger, and Jennifer, who is older. He comes from German, Swiss, and English origins.

When he was a youngster, he got his first piano for Christmas. With the Impulse Tracker, he started his musical career in the late 1990s with a sound influenced by chiptune and demoscene movements.

Niagara Falls’ Westlane Secondary School is where Zimmerman received his diploma. Later, he worked as a programmer for an online music licensing business.

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