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The popular musical artist Chxrry22 age is a mystery for her fans and listeners. 

Lydia Habtemariam is a popular singer who goes by the stage name Chxrry22.

Her latest song Wasteland was the official song in the new EP The Other Side and was released in 2022, which can be found on Youtube and Spotify.

She has been into music since childhood, so she used to sing at family gatherings, birthday parties, and weddings and get attention for her beautiful voice.

Chxrry22: Real name And Age

The real name of Chxrry22 is Lydia Habtemariam, and she is of Ethiopian origins, meaning she may be from the Middle East and Africa.

Although the details about her age are unclear to the media, she may be in her early twenties.

She is a young celebrity on the way to gaining success in her music career with the support of her parents and fans.

This a mystery for those who are searching for Chxrry22 Age. ( Source: Paper Mag)

She has thousands of fan followers on her social media because of her passion for music and extraordinary personality.

She is also very protective of her love life and relationship status, which is why she hasn’t revealed anything about her having a partner.

Her music, beauty, and her genuine personality have attracted many young fans globally.

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Chxrry22: Wikipedia Explored

The young artist’s parents used to sing in the choir, which motivated her to choose music as her profession.

Lydia Habtemariam had a passion for music, and she used to sing different songs but only saw what was coming for her once she put her music online in 2017.

After 2017, she was recognized by many people, and gradually she earned a huge fan following on her social sites.

She dropped her first debut single, The Falls, in 2022 and released songs like The Other Side, Do It Again, and Call Me in the same year.

Chxrry22 ' Call Me'
Chxrry22 in her famous song ‘Call Me’ ( Source: Youtube)

There’s a funny tweet she has shared on Twitter that says, ‘One day I’m gonna make an album about the most fucked up things I’ve ever done.. then retire lmao’.

Maybe she is giving herself time, which can be why she is inactive on Twitter.

Lydia Habtemariam’s parents used to support her in knowing her internal talent, which actually workout.

Unlike other celebrities, she keeps her information private, so there are not many details about her parents and siblings on the internet.

Once the remaining facts about her family and siblings are revealed, we will be the first ones to share them. So look out!

What is the net worth of chxrry22?

The singer of ‘Call Me’ has an estimated net worth of $1 million, but she might have business assets for her secondary earnings.

In addition to being a renowned artist, she is also a social media influencer with more than 52k followers on her Instagram.

Bland and White photo of CHxrry22 while shooting of Wasteland
Chxrry22 Gets Rid of Baggage in ‘Wasteland’ Video ( Source: Rated R&B)

Likewise, she has more than 6k subscribers on her Youtube channel and more than 3k followers on her Twitter account.

Thousands of fans are commenting positive things about her upcoming future and successful life.

In conclusion, the artist will be coordinating with numerous music artists in the future to upgrade her music career.

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