Reddit: Who Murdered Robert Wone? Killer Cause Of Death And Case Details

Robert Wone

The people on the internet are curious to know who murdered Robert Wone, as it was considered the most puzzling murder investigation in Washington, D.C., history.

American attorney Robert Eric Wone, also known as Robert Wone, worked as a lawyer. He was discovered dead in the guest bedroom of his friend Joe Price’s house in Washington, D.C., in August 2006.

The victim had arrived at Price’s house after a late shift as planned days earlier. Around 30 minutes after Robert arrived at the residence, neighbors reported hearing a scream. Later, the scream was identified as that of his friend’s wife, named Zaborsky.

At 11:49 pm, Zaborsky dialed the emergency call line. Five minutes later, ambulances and police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department arrived.

Wone was declared deceased at the George Washington University Hospital at 12:24 am on August 3.

Who Murdered Robert Wone?

The police have not been able to solve the Mysterious murder case even after over a decade in the case. However, there have been a lot of theories and suspect revolving around the case.

The late lawyer was found dead in his friend’s house, shared with Price’s two romantic partners, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, making them the first three suspects in the case.

Who Murdered Robert Wone
The two suspects of Robert Wone murder case. (Source: Facebook)

 The three guys claimed that Wone had been murdered by an intruder while denying any role in the crime and was not sexually 

According to Newsweek, there have also been theories that one person in the house was involved in the murder, as the police claimed that a blade missing from a cutlery set in Dylan’s room was the proper size for the crime.

Moreover, as per the same source, the other theory was that all three men were trying to cover up the crime as Price changed his statement from saying he discovered the knife on top of the victim’s body and moved it to the bedside table to saying he had removed the knife off Wone’s body.

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Robert Wone Cause Of Death

The causes of death for the late attorney were stabbing and sexual assaults. However, the weapon he was stabbed with was not found at the crime scene.

Robert Wone
The late attorney with his wife. (Source: The cinemaholic)

As per the reports, the victim was pinned down, knocked unconscious, subjected to sexual assault, and killed inside 1509 Swann Street. According to the autopsy report, Wone had no drug residue.

Moreover, it appeared that Robert had not moved when stabbed based on the surgical precision with which he had been cut.

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Robert Wone – Case Details

On August 3, at 12:24 am, the George Washington University Hospital announced the demise of the late lawyer.

The three men that the victim was with before the incident were the first suspects, as they posed numerous sexually suggestive questions while being investigated. However, they denied being involved in the murder.

 Robert Wone
The late lawyer died after being stabbed at his friend’s residence. (Source: Crime Junkie)

Police made a public allegation that the crime scene had been altered two weeks after the murder. Investigators thoroughly examined the rowhouse for more than three weeks.

Moreover, a statement favoring a search warrant for Price’s offices in Washington, D.C., claimed that the area around the victim’s body had been cleaned.

There was a lack of progress in the murder case as the case had been passed around to three different prosecutors for more than a year in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

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