Blaine MN, Lisa Michaels Obituary Accident Details And Age Revealed

Lisa Michaels Obituary

Lisa Michaels Obituary was made through different media as she was found dead in a snowmobile accident in Mille Lacs County on Saturday night. Lisa was native to Circle Pines, MN and a longtime resident of Blaine, MN.

Lisa Michaels Obituary is in moderation, as she passed away on Saturday night. She was found dead in a central Minnesota snowmobile crash near the Wahkon, which made all the family members, close friends and relatives full of sadness and devastation. Everyone related to her was devastated after knowing she was not alive anymore.

Lisa worked as a Complex Rehab at The Numotion Medical Services. Numotion is the most significant and leading provider of services and products that can provide mobility, health and independence. They mainly focus on people with different disabilities to improve their lives through technology.

The primary focus of Numotion is on Complex Rehab Technology CRT, urological supplies, accessible vehicles and other related assistive technologies.

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Blaine MN, Lisa Michaels Obituary

According to the Mille Lacs County office, the woman Lisa Michaels from Blaine, MN, was pronounced dead after her body was in the crash location in Wahkon.

Lisa Michaels Obituary
An image of Lisa Michaels with her husband. (Source: Facebook)

All the people who have known Lisa have tributed towards her death. The friends and family members are recalling the memories along with Lisa, showing love through social media, and tributing to her unexpected passing.

It is certain that all her close ones are in great sorrow and grief at the moment. Due to the sudden death of Lisa, many well-wishers have shown love and sent heartful condolences to the family as the family needs the most extensive support at such a time.

They pray for the soul to get peace and offer deep condolences to the family. The family are currently arranging the burial arrangements. The details about Lisa Michaels Obituary and her funeral will be made public by the family at a suitable time.

Lisa Michaels Accident Details

According to the authorities, a woman native to Blaine died in a snowmobile accident near Mille Lacs County on Saturday night.

Lisa Michaels Obituary
Lisa Michaels and her husband. (Source: Facebook)

During the press release from Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Department, the County deputies responded to reports that the crash on a snowmobile was on the 100 block on Second Street East in Wahkon, Minnesota.

According to the Sheriff’s department’s report, the snowmobile crashed around 2:09 pm. The authorities arrived within three minutes and saw an unresponsive woman lying on the ground near the pickup truck.

Later, the dead body was identified as Lisa Michaels from Blaine, MN. Deputies tried to render first aid; however, Lisa was dead at the crash scene.

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According to the initial investigation, the Sheriff’s department told the media that they believed Lisa lost control of the snowmobile and crashed into the pickup truck. The pickup truck was empty and unoccupied.

The investigators have not made official statements regarding the crash but believe alcohol was not a factor.

Lisa Michaels Age

According to the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s departments report, the actual age of Lisa Michaels is 59 years. Lisa Michaels was from Blaine, Minnesota. Before moving to Blaine, she lived in Circle Pines, MN, where she completed high school.

Lisa Michaels Obituary
Lisa Michaels with her twins Dominic and Roman in 2019. (Source: Facebook)

She went to Centennial High School in Circle Pines, Minnesota. Before her death, Lisa worked at a Complex rehab at Numotion. The place creates and provides different technologies that help people with disabilities ease their lives.

Besides her work life, she had a beautiful family, a husband and twin kids named Roman and Dominic. The twins were born in 2017. Lisa posted a few pictures of her family on her social media.

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