Who Are Kim Kianna Dy Parents, Arni Dy And Bambi Dy? Siblings And Family Background

Kim Kianna Dy Parents

Who are Kim Kianna Dy parents? Kim Kianna a famous volleyball player is supported by her lovely parents Mr. Arni Dy and Mrs. Bambi Dy.

Kim Kianna Mababa Dy is a Filipino volleyball athlete. She was born on July 26, 1995. Also, she is a member of the Philippines women’s national volleyball team.

Kim is currently playing for F2 Logistics Cargo Movers. In 2015, she joined the Shopinas.com Lady Clickers and the Meralco Power Spikers in the Philippine Super Liga.

Moreover, the athlete Kim represented the Philippines women’s national volleyball team in the 2015 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship.

Her Team finished 12th out of 14 countries in the game. In 2016, Dy received her first collegiate-level award as the Most Valuable Player.

Kim Kianna’s team won the UAAP season 78 Championship against arch-rival Ateneo.

With F2 Logistics Cargo Movers, Dy succeeded by winning the 2017 PSL Grand Pix conference championship.

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Who Are Kim Kianna Dy Parents?

Kim Kianna Dy’s parents are named Arni Dy and Bambi Dy. Her parents always supported her and showered her with love and affection.

Kim Kianna Dy’s parents come from a renowned profession. Her father, Mr. Arni, is an entrepreneur who runs a “Coconut Republic” business.

Kim’s mother, Mrs. Bambi Dy is a dermatologist. Her mom works at the Asian Hospital and Paranaque Doctors.

Kim Dy has a strong and close relationship with her parents. They have significantly influenced her life, providing support and guidance in her journey.

Kim Kianna Dy Parents
Kim Kianna Dy with her lovely parents Arni Dy And Bambi Dy. (Source: Facebook)

Kim Kianna Dy’s parents encouraged her to choose the school and path that she believed was best for her.

Moreover, her parents played an important role in her decision to attend De La Salle University and pursue her studies in Business Management.

Despite her busy schedule, Kim Dy values her family and friends. She appreciates the genuine friendships she has maintained.

Kianna Dy’s parents, Arni and Bambi have been supportive figures in her life. They helped her make important decisions to pursue her dreams.

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Meet Kim Kianna Dy’s Siblings

Kim Kianna and her family, the DY family consist of nine members. Among her siblings, Kim has an older brother named Luigi who went to Ateneo de Manila University.

The rest of her siblings are Kio, Cheeni, Kitchy, Kiala, and Nika. They all attended De La Salle Zobel for their studies.

What sets the Dy siblings apart is their close-knit relationship. They enjoy spending quality time together and travel abroad during vacations.

Kim Kianna Dy Parents
Kim Kianna Dy shares a strong bond with her siblings, Kio, Cheeni, Kitchy, Kiala, and Nika Dy. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Dy family has a YouTube channel named “Kaila Dy” with over 111k subscribers.

This channel allows Kim and her sisters to share their sisterly connection.

Kim and her siblings like to upload videos showing their daily life adventures and activities. They allow their subscriber to get a glimpse into their close relationship.

Furthermore, KimDy’s Instagram post celebrating National Sister Day emphasizes her love and affection for her sisters.

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Kim Kianna Dy Family Background

Kim Kianna Dy’s Family background is Filipino as Kim Kianna along with her siblings grew up with their parents in the Philippines.

Kim Kianna is a volleball athlete. At a young age, she attended the De La Salle Santiago Zobel School in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Kim Kianna Dy Parents
Kim Kianna Dy currently plays for the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Kim Kianna is a true Lasalian. She has been a part of the Lasilian community since kindergarten.

Kim Dy completed her education at De La Salle University. The volleyball player holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management.

On Instagram, The champion has over 900 thousand followers nearing 1 million followers. It shows that she is getting lots of love and support from her fans.

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