20 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Want to know about the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world?

Many people take dining as more than just eating delicious food. It is about appreciating the atmosphere and ambiance of the place.

Well, check out below to learn about the classy and lavish restaurants from New York to California, Tokyo, and Ibiza comprising of reputed Michelin chefs, pleasing views, accommodation, friendly ambiance, unique and delicious Haute cuisines.

Quick Overview

Restaurants Country Price/Diner
20. José Andrés USA $290
19. Mirazur France $302
18. Eleven Madison Park USA $335
17. Narisawa Japan $350
16. Maison Pic France $375
15. Alinea USA $395
14. Restaurant Le Maurice France $390
13. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare USA $395
12. Frantzen Sweden $421
11. Restaurant de l’ Hotel de Ville Crissier Switzerland $435
10. Geranium Denmark $456
9. Alian Ducasse Au Plaza Athenee France $478
8. Restaurant Guy Savoy USA $555
7. Kitcho Arashiyama Honton Japan $589
6. Restaurant Guy Savoy USA $595
5. Ultraviolet China $625
4. Masa USA $650
3. Per Se USA $680
2. The French Laundry USA $850
1. Sublimotion Spain $2,580

Most Expensive Restaurants

The information has been compiled through reliable sites on the web including Guide Michelin and Trip Advisor.

20. José Andrés (Las Vegas, USA)- $290/person

The world’s most prestigious Spanish chef, José Andrés, owns this restaurant in Las Vegas, USA.

José Andrés-Interior
José  Andrés Interior (Source: Sherry Wines)

Moreover, Andrés is renowned for his Spanish gastronomic cuisine influence in America.

Some of André’s iconic cuisines are paella, Migas, gooseneck barnacles, Philly cheesesteak, and Chihuly salad.

One needs around $290 to dine in José Andrés restaurant.

19. Mirazur (Menton, France)- $302/person

On the nineteenth spot of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Mirazur.

The world’s 3rd best restaurant, Mirazur, is located in Menton, France.

Mirazur Menton Interior (Source: Michelin Guide)

Similarly, a 3-star Michelin Argentinian chef, Mauro Colagreco, owns the acclaimed restaurant.

Especially, Mirazur offers three main tasting elements: sea, garden, and mountain influenced by Italian, French, and Argentinian dishes with Colagreco’s personal flavors.

Moreover, the signature cuisines of the restaurant include choco-pimpernel, cannelloni crab, and Pommes de Terre.

One needs around $302 to dine in Mirazur restaurant.

18. Eleven Madison Park (New York, USA)- $335/person

The world’s acclaimed restaurant Eleven Madison is located at 11 Madison Avenue, New York.

Eleven Madison Park Interior (Source: Eater NY)

Similarly, a 3-star Michelin Swiss chef, Daniel Humm, owns the restaurant.

Especially, the restaurant offers new American finest cuisines to its diners.

Moreover, the restaurant’s major tasting courses include full seasonal 11 courses and 5 bar courses.

Further, Madison Park’s signature dishes are sea urchin, cappuccino with peekytoe crab & cauliflower, chicken poached with black truffle, potato, and asparagus.

One needs at least $335 to dine in Eleven Madison Park restaurant.

17. Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)- $350/person

Holding the seventeenth spot of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Narisawa.

Ranked as the world’s No.22 best restaurant, Nariswa is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Narisawa Restaurant (Source: Ngo Your Meal)

Similarly, the owner of the acclaimed restaurant is 2-Michelin star Japanese chef Yoshihiro Narisawa.

In addition, the set menu in Narisawa restaurant begins with the Japanese ritual of a glass of sake.

Moreover, the restaurant offers innovative seasonal Japanese cuisines offering the local taste of Japan, including gluten-free options too.

Further, Narisawa’s signature cuisine is “Satoyama cuisine,” which includes forest bread with delicious moss butter.

One needs at least $350 to dine in Japan’s prestigious restaurant, Narisawa.

16. Maison Pic (Valence, France)- $375/person

On the sixteenth spot of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Maison Pic.

The owner and head chef of the restaurant is Anne-Sophie Pic.

Maison Pic Restaurant and Chefs ( Source: TripAdvisor)

Moreover, the 3-star Michelin restaurant offers colorful aromatic gastronomic French grande taste courses to its diners.

Further, the signature cuisines of Pic restaurant are blue lobster with red berries, smoked bonito with red berry dashi accompanying strawberry barberry chutney.

One needs at least $375 to dine in Maison Pic.

15. Alinea (Chicago, USA)- $395/ person

Aliena is one of the world’s most notable restaurants located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Besides, a 3-star Michelin American chef, Grant Achatz, owns the restaurant.

Alinea Restaurant (Source: Alinea)

Similarly, the restaurant offers modern gastronomic American Haute tasting multi-courses to its diners.

Moreover, the signature cuisine in Aliena is Lamb 86, a lamb dish cooked in three ways accompanying 86 flavors to delight the taste buds.

In addition, other beloved cuisines of the restaurant include potato parmesan explosion.

Further, the restaurant serves pleasant desserts such as peanut butter & jelly, apple-flavored edible balloons filled with helium.

One needs at least around $395 to dine at Aliena.

14. Restaurant Le Meurice (Paris, France)- $390/person

The world’s acclaimed restaurant Le Meurice hotel is located in Le Meurice, France.

Le Meurice Restaurant (Source: TripAdvisor)

The owner and head chef of the iconic restaurant is Alain Ducasse.

Moreover, the restaurant offers fresh seasonal French cuisines based on its grande “essential cuisine” courses.

Apart from cuisines, the restaurant serves award-winning pastry chef Cédric Grolet’s popular baked madeleines and brioche bundt cakes.

13. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (Brooklyn, New York, USA)- $395/person

Brooklyn Fare’s owner is a 3-star Michelin Mexican chef, César Ramirez.

Especially, the restaurant’s dishes are inspired by Japanese cuisine and French technique offering a natural vibrant taste on every dish.

Moreover, the restaurant offers 24 tasting courses mainly focused on seafood and shellfishes.

In addition, one can savor delicious desserts, canapé, cheeses, soups, etc.

Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare (Source: Eater NY)

Further, the restaurant features 7000 bottle-cellar comprising various exclusive European classics like champagne, burgundy, rhône, etc.

But, the reservations in the Brooklyn Fare are too hard to get. Better wait for six weeks to get your table.

In addition, the restaurant can seat up to 18 guests where clicking pictures, use of cell phones, and note taking are completely restricted.

One needs around $395 to dine in this New York’s acclaimed restaurant.

12. Frantzen (Stockholm, Sweden)- $421/person

Frantzen is acclaimed as the world’s 25 best restaurants, whose owner is Swiss chef Bjorn Frantzen.

Besides, the first 3-star Michelin Swedish restaurant was established in 2008 in Stockholm.

Especially, Frantzen serves one tasting menu of 19 exceptionally fresh dishes, local seasonal, with experimented flavor combinations.

Frantzen Restaurant (Source: Archilovers)

Some of the signature dishes of the restaurant include horse sushi, duck gravy and thyme, Faroe Island’s special fresh shellfish, and sea urchins, among others.

Moreover, the restaurant comprises 12 dining seats where 12 fabulous chefs prepare lunch and dinner with their Haute cuisines.

Further, one needs around $421 to dine at the opulent restaurant, Frantzen.

11. Restaurant de l’ Hotel de Ville Crissier (Switzerland)- $435/person

Located in the Crissier municipality in Switzerland, the restaurant focuses on detailed dishes composition, presentation and offers exceptional dining services.

Besides, the head chef of the acclaimed restaurant is a 3 star Michelin, Franck Giovannini.

Restaurant de l’ Hotel de Ville Crissier (Source: Gourmo)

Moreover, the restaurant is Switzerland’s most beloved restaurant serving first-class French, European, and vegetarian-friendly cuisines.

Further, one needs at least $435 to dine in the Ville Crissier.

10. Geranium (Copenhagen, Denmark)- $456/person

The Danish gourmet restaurant is located in Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Similarly, a 3-star Michelin Danish chef, Rasmus Kofoed, co-owns the restaurant.

Especially, one can have a world-class heavenly dining experience of Kofoed’s signature Danish cuisines, including delicious juice pairings only available in Copenhagen.

Some of the signature dishes of Geranium include hake dish, gluten-free bread with seeds & homemade butter, sea oysters, and salted ransom.

Geranium-Restaurant (Source: Geranium)

In addition, Geranium serves special juice pairings like green apple & elderflower, blueberries & pine, etc.

Moreover, wine lovers can relax in the Danish-designed chairs in the Geranium Lounge Bar.

Further, Scandinavia’s exclusive wines are available in Geranium with fine taste and colors to water anybody’s mouth.

Thus, Geranium is one of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world, with a dining cost of $456 per person.

9. Alian Ducasse Au Plaza Athenee (Paris, France)- $478/person

The lavish hotel is located at the Plaza Athenee Hotel Avenue Montaigne, Paris.

Likewise, the Plaza Athenee is a 3-star Michelin French chef, Alian Duccasse’s one of the most acclaimed restaurants beside his other restaurants based in the UK, USA.

Similarly, the restaurant design is classic with the finest Haute dining experience for the diners.

Alian Ducasse Au Plaza (Source: WBP Stars)

Moreover, the restaurant serves mainly seafood, with the chef’s cuisine especially based on fish, vegetables, and cereals.

The best part is the fishes come from Brittany and fruits, vegetables from Jardin de la Reine in Versailles.

Further, one can order exclusive wines, deserts, and other seasonal dishes in the restaurant.

Thus, Plaza Athenee is one of the 20 most extravagant restaurants in the world, with a dining cost of $478 per person.

8. Restaurant Guy Savoy (Las Vegas, US)- $555/person

A french 3-star Michelin chef, Guy Savoy, opened the lavish restaurant in Caesars Palace in May 2006.

Similarly, Las Vega’s acclaimed restaurant offers numerous tasting courses of Savoy’s exquisite French cuisines.

Some of the signature dishes in Guy Savoy include octopus terrine, colors of caviar, black truffle butter, and soup with toasted mushroom brioche.

Restaurant Guy Savoy Las Vegas (Source: TripAdvisor)

Moreover, the restaurant offers fine wine and cuisines at the Krug Chef’s table, accommodating 2-6 individuals.

Further, one can enjoy Krug Champagne along with 10-course meals.

Thus, the approximate dining cost in Las Vegas, Guy Savoy restaurant is a whopping $555 per person.

7. Kitcho Arashiyama Honten (Kyoto, Japan)-$589/person

Yuko Teiichi founded the Kyoto Kitcho in 1930 in Osaka, Japan.

With the gradual development of the restaurant, Teiichi expanded the Kyoto Kitcho into numerous branches.

Later, this grand restaurant also opened in Kyoto in 1948.

Similarly, the third generational chef of Takuoka Kunio owns the luxurious Japanese restaurant.

Kitcho Arashiyama Honton (Source: Michelin Guide)

Moreover, diners can savor full course meals of Japanese Haute cuisines served in traditional vessels with delightful presentations.

Further, one can experience the true beauty in Japanese antique designs and ambiance with a magnificent view of the seasonal hills when dining. However, it will set you back $589/person to experience the Japanese cuisine at this restaurant.

6. Restaurant Guy Savoy (Paris, France)-$595/person

On the sixth spot of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Restaurant Guy Savoy Paris, with dining cost around $595 per person.

Most Expensive Restaurants in the World- Restauarnt-Guy-Savoy-Paris
Restauarnt Guy Savoy Paris (Source: Guy Savoy)

At first, a French chef, Guy Savoy, founded the restaurant in 1980 in the heart city of France, Paris.

Similarly, Guy Savoy restaurant serves a 13-course tasting menu with side dishes and exceptional deserts.

Moreover, the restaurant offers European, French, including vegan cuisines in its six modern designed rooms.

 5. Ultraviolet (Shanghai, China)- $625/person

On the fifth rank of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Ultraviolet, with a dining cost of a whopping $625 per person.

Besides, a french chef, Paul Pairet, and the VOL group founded the luxurious restaurant in 2012 in Shanghai, China.

Similarly, the 3-star Michelin, Ultraviolet serves its special avant-garde food, including European and international cuisines, to the diners.

Most Expensive Restaurants in the World- Ultraviolet-Restaurant
Ultraviolet Restaurant (Source: Asia Wine News)

Moreover, diners can enjoy beef tartare, foie grass crumbles, picnic chicken with garlic oil, etc., in Ultraviolet.

Further, Ultraviolet’s tender long short beef ribs with a lemon tart is simply the best.

4. Masa (New York, USA)- $650/person

On the fourth rank of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Masa restaurant, with a dining cost of a whopping $650 per person.

Besides, the opulent Japanese restaurant is located on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center at 10 Columbus Circle, in Manhattan, New York.

At first, Masa was established in 2004.

Similarly, the owner and chief chef of the restaurant is Masa Takayama, who serves his exclusive Japanese cuisines and sushis to the diners.

Most Expensive Restaurants in the World- Masa-Restaurant
Masa Restaurant (Source: TripAdvisor)

Moreover, the menu system in Masa is Omakase, which means the diner leaves the order of dish variety in the hands of the chef.

So, the chef Takayama prepares the menu himself, including exotic ingredients, like truffles, omi beef, and Japanese fish.

In addition, to experience the Japanese food culture and cherish the exceptional gourmet of Masa, one must order before three weeks to book the available 26 seats in the restaurant.

Finally, the restaurant demands remarks on their hospitality service, records the dishes offered, and diners can also tip if they loved what they offered.

 3. Per Se (New York, USA)- $680/person

On the third rank of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Per Se restaurant.

The lavish restaurant is located on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center at 10 Columbus Circle in Manhattan, New York.

Most Expensive Restaurants in the World- Per-Se-Restaurant
Per Se Restaurant (Source: Eater NY)

At first, Per Se was established in February 2004.

Similarly, the head chef of the restaurant is Thomas Keller, who offers French and modern American cuisines.

Also, the major attractions of the restaurant are panoramic views of stunning cityscape from its large windows, enchanting room decorations that will delight the diners to enjoy the ambiance.

Moreover, the restaurant offers its special 9-course tasting menus to its diners, comprising chef’s menu and vegetable menu.

Thus, it costs approximately $680 to dine in the Per Se restaurant.

2. The French Laundry (California, USA)- $850/person

On the second spot of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is The French Laundry.

The 3-star Michelin restaurant is located in Yountville, California.

Most Expensive Restaurants in the World- French-Laundry-Restaurant
Dinner at French Laundry Restaurant (Source: Fine Foods Blog)

At first, The French Laundry was established in 1990.

Similarly, the main chef and owner of the restaurant are Thomas Keller, who prepares delicious French and Californian cuisines.

Likewise, the restaurant is antique with an accommodation capacity of around 60 diners.

In addition, the restaurant serves two set menus, the American chef’s tasting (meat and seafood) and the tasting of vegetables to its diners.

Moreover, during special occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving, the restaurant also provides exclusive cuisines.

Thus, it costs approximately around $850 to dine in the French Laundry restaurant.

1. Sublimotion (Ibiza, Spain)- $2,580/person

On the top of the list of the 20 most expensive restaurants in the world is Sublimotion.

The gastronomic restaurant is located in the western region of Ibiza, Sant Joseph de se Talaia.

Most Expensive Restaurants in the World- Sublimotion-Restaurant
Sublimotion Restaurant (Source: Veebrant)

At first, the restaurant was opened in 2014 at Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel.

Similarly, the chief chef of the acclaimed restaurant is Paco Roncero who offers molecularly cooked Spanish grande cuisines to the diners.

Also, Sublimotion serves 20-course menu dishes to over 12 diners in its theatrical dining room.

Especially, the diners can experience the virtual world beyond their imagination through the use of Samsung Gear VR and enjoy their food.

Moreover, the diners can experience the nightlife in Ibiza with hype DJ music.

Thus, it costs approximately $2,580 (food and beverages) for one diner in the Sublimotion restaurant.

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