What Happened To Roy Purdy – Is He Alive? Age And Family Explored

Roy Purdy

People are curious to know what happened to Roy Purdy. He is an American rapper, dancer, Youtuber, and skateboarder. To know more about him, read the article below. 

Roy Purdy is a well-recognized rising star in the entertainment industry. The Wisconsin-born artist first gained fame for his viral “Running Man Challenge” video set in high school.

This video was followed by his graduation ceremony, featuring Purdy dabbing. He has released several successful singles, including “Walk It Out!” and “Oh Wow,” which have helped him amass a substantial following on YouTube.

Purdy’s distinctive fashion sense, featuring pink and green sunglasses and an overall 1980s aesthetic, has also helped him stand out in the industry.

Beyond music and YouTube, Purdy is also an accomplished skateboarder who began skateboarding at a young age.

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What Happened To Roy Purdy – Is He Alive?

Roy Purdy was a pink and green internet icon dancing, smiling and skating his way through the internet, making the whole world happy. We rarely see someone so cheerful and bright become a mainstream success, exceptionally that fast. 

Most people get viral for doing something wreckless twisted, dangerous, or downright stupid, but Roy was a breath of fresh air. His silliness and free-spirited energy helped millions of people keep a positive mindset.

What Happened To Roy Purdy
Roy Purdy is dancing and making people smile. (source: knowyourmeme)

The burden can be overwhelming when you are expected to perform, put on a happy face, and entertain others. You seem increasingly viewed as a commodity due to your rapid rise to stardom. 

Roy quickly realized he didn’t want just to be the guy with the green and pink glasses. Although he had a long list of goals he wanted to accomplish while relevant on social media, he decided instead just disappear.

Roy Purdy is still alive and doing well, despite his disappearance from the limelight. He was an essential part of the social media, music, and lifestyle scene that characterized the years between 2016 and 2018. He must be taking a break from being a public figure and focusing on settling down and growing up.

Being an internet celebrity at a young age can leave one feeling lost and uncertain about the future, but it is all part of personal development.

Roy Purdy Age – how old is he?

Roy Purdy was born on February 25, 1998, in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States. As of 2023, he is 25 years old. He has been an aspiring creative since he was in middle school.

Furthermore, Purdy and a few of his friends were in the 80’s rock cover band, where he learned to play the piano and sing. During this time, he also wrote rap songs but still spent most of his time skateboarding.

His whole high school life was dedicated to trying to become a pro skateboarder in addition to his music career. 

Likewise, he uploaded tons of skate montage videos, sponsor tapes and his first music videos o Youtube. Purdy wanted to make his skate videos different, but he didn’t want to bother people and get kicked out of places or start fights, as seen in other skate edits. So, he decided to dance on it, which is fun and completely harmless to anyone.

Roy Purdy Family Explored 

Even after thorough research, information about Roy Purdy’s family is not found. It seems like Roy Purdy has chosen to keep the details of his family life private and has not shared much information about them with the media.

However, it is known that he has a younger brother named George, who has filmed many of his videos. Roy’s family has supported his career choices, although further information about them is unavailable. 

Roy Purdy
Roy Purdy is doing the running man step with his friends. (source: phillipszeto)

This might be for various reasons, one of which may be that he didn’t want the paparazzi and media to meddle in his and his family’s private life. 

It is common for public figures not to disclose personal information for their benefit and security. It becomes serious when families get involved.

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