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Charlie Tan

Charlie Tan, a criminal who has been convicted in the United States, gained notoriety for a high-profile case in 2015. People want to know about Charlie Tan wikipedia details.

In February 2015, Charlie Tan, a student at an Ivy League university, killed his father and then, along with his mother, Qing Jean Tan, and older brother, Jeffrey Tan, packed their belongings and drove to Toronto.

From there, they bought one-way tickets to Shanghai, China, apparently attempting to flee the country.

However, their plan took an unexpected turn when they decided to come back to the United States and confess to the murder.

His story was featured in the crime documentary House of Secrets, which was released on Dateline NBC in the same year.

Charlie’s family had moved from Canada to the United States some years before the incident.

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Charlie Tan Wikipedia Bio

Online users might wonder about the student at an Ivy League university, Charlie Tan wikipedia details.

There is limited information about Tan’s wikipedia details to protect his privacy. Tan was born in Canada.

Charlie has both American and Canadian nationalities. The full name of the Tan is Charles Johnn Tan.

Tan and his family resided in Pittsford, which is located in upstate New York in the United States.

Charlie Tan wikipedia
Dateline: Unforgettable – Why did Charlie Tan kill his father and where is he now? (Source: Sportskeeda)

As per the reports, he went to Pittsford Mendon High School, a public high school in the suburban area of Rochester in Monroe County, and he graduated from this school in 2012.

Despite attending a public high school, Charlie played high school and college football.

He was a high school football team member that made it to the Section V finals in 2012 and 2013.

Further details about Charlie Tan wikipedia are not made public to secure the privacy of Tan and his personal matters.

Charlie Tan age and family revealed

Charlie’s family had moved from Canada to the United States some years before the incident.

He was born in Canada to Chinese parents, his father, Liang Jim Tan, and his mother, Qing Jean Tan, but his age has not yet been revealed.

Charlie had a sibling named Jeffrey Tan, who resides in the United States with his mother.

Charlie Tan
Murder Charges In Tan Trial Dismissed, Charlie Tan Walks Out A Free Man (Source: WETM)

In the US, his father, Liang Jim Tan, established a successful tech company called Dynamex Imaging near Rochester.

They lived in Pittsford, New York, where Charlie, who had previously attended Cornell University, shot and killed his father.

This act was reportedly a result of the abuse he had suffered at his father’s hands over the years.

Charlie Tan story explained

In a legal document submitted to have his 20-year prison sentence overturned, Charlie acknowledges that he used a shotgun to fatally shoot his father.

He provides an assertion to the federal court in Syracuse, stating that he entered his parents’ home through the back door, proceeded upstairs, and entered his father’s office.

Charlie Tan
Charlie Tan sentenced to 20 years on federal gun charges (Source: WXXI News)

Tan fired three shots at his father while he sat at his desk. Tan acknowledged that he was aware he had killed his father.

According to court documents filed by Tan’s appellate lawyer, his legal team could have presented compelling evidence on gun charges during Tan’s 2018 sentencing.

The evidence would have shown that Tan grew up with an abusive father and believed, in February 2015, that his father intended to kill his mother, Qing Tan.

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