Love After Lockup: Derek Warner Arrested Again – What Did He Do? Case Details And Age

Derek Warner

Derek Warner Arrested has become a topic to discuss on the internet lately as he was charged with felony assault but less than an hour after being jailed he posted his $10,000 bain and was freed. 

Derek and Monique Robinson’s absence from the most recent Life After Lockup show infuriated viewers.
They have had a rocky relationship, it’s true. After spending over ten years in prison, Derek was about to be reunited with his outside love.

When he was inside, he developed a relationship with Monique. She sent him almost everything he could possibly need or want.

They did, however, live in quite different ways. When she first encountered him after his release, she was worried since he was highly health-aware while she was overweight.
In addition, Monique had no relationship whatsoever with Derek’s sisters. On social media, they ridiculed her size and made fun of her.

Love After Lockup: Derek Warner Arrested Again – What Did He Do?

Netizens and the media are eager to know about Love After Lockup, Derek Warner Arrested details.

According to the felonious assault law that Derek is charged with breaking, it is thought that he inflicted significant physical damage to another or another’s unborn.

In a brief Instagram live video late Tuesday night, Warner reassured fans that his detention was just a small hiccup.

Derek Warner Arrested
‘Love After Lockup’: Derek Contacts an Old Flame? (Source: Soap Dirt)

According to Derek, the felony assault accusation stems from his imprisonment in 2021. Warner reveals his ability to bond out so fast because the assault charge is old.

That doesn’t seem to be a parole violation for a prior conviction because there was no assault charge from 2021 when he looked in the Ohio Department of Prison Records.
We will keep looking into Derek’s accusation and inform you of any pertinent developments. Nonetheless, further information about Derek Warner Arrested details is not made public as of now.

Derek Warner case details explored

Although Derek could be charged with a first-degree felony if he were to attack a law enforcement officer, the current case of assault against him is only considered a second-degree offense.
According to court documents, he was actually charged with the offense on March 17, 11 days prior to his detention.
As per the reports, Derek was likely aware that he could be arrested anytime. This might explain why he was able to post bail so quickly.
Derek Warner
LOVE AFTER LOCKUP‘Love After Lockup’ Derek’s Transgender Sister’s Bold Move To Send Him Back To Prison (Source: All About The Tea)
Perhaps he organized a fundraiser and asked every woman he was involved with to donate some amount.
Reports indicate that he was arrested as he exited a restaurant, where Monique was waiting for him in the car.
It’s worth noting that Derek had previously spent ten years in prison and was slated to appear on the reality TV show Life After Lockup with his girlfriend Monique.
Derek and Monique fell in love while he was imprisoned, but Monique never left his side despite the ups and downs they experienced.

Derek Warner age revealed 

Derek Warner Jr. is a 29-year-old reality TV show star that debuted in season 5 of the program.

He became acquainted with his significant other, Monique, through a website that connects prison pen pals in 2020.

Warner was previously incarcerated for nine years on charges of drug possession and trafficking.

Derek Warner
‘Life After Lockup’ Derek Warner Arrested Again (Source: TV Shows Ace)

He was reportedly among the 32 men apprehended in 2013 as part of a drug bust targeting a heroin ring in Cleveland’s Collingwood and Euclid neighborhoods.

Upon re-entering society, he devoted all his energy and time to his significant other, Monique.

Despite being entirely private about his personal life, we are unaware of what Derek does for work currently.

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