What Happened To Helen McGinn Brother Tim? Parents Wikipedia Bio And Age

Helen McGinn

The people on the internet are curious to know what happened to Helen McGinn brother, Tim Robinson. She is a well-known TV personality.

Author, blogger and wine judge Helen McGinn is from the United Kingdom. She writes about liquor for the Daily Mail and contributes to the television cooking programs Saturday Kitchen and This Morning.

The television personality was a supermarket buyer for eleven years, sourcing wines worldwide.

Moreover, the author’s followers want to know about what happened to her brother. She said her book “In Just One Day” was inspired by her real life, as the book explores what happens after the main character, Flora’s brother, perishes in a horrific tragedy.

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What Happened To Helen McGinn Brother Tim Robinson?

Twenty-one years ago, a youngster violently killed Tim Robinson, the wine judge’s brother, to get his car. Her younger brother was stabbed to death by a 25-year-old boy.

According to the Daily Mail, the blogger got the news after she received a call from her brother’s girlfriend, Jemma. Initially, she believed that Tim’s partner would try to convince her and her husband to join them for the evening. but instead, the news of her brother getting stabbed broke down on her.

Helen McGinn Brother Tim Robinson
Helen McGinn Brother Tim Robinson who was stabbed to death. (Source: Daily Mail)

However, the author first believed that her sibling had been involved in a fight outside the bar, but later she was told to go straight to St. Thomas’ Hospital near Waterloo as Tim was taken to the hospital.

As per the same source, the blogger shared a close bond with her brother and used to live in London, where they spent a lot of time together.

Moreover, the author expresses her emotion after losing her loved one in a book named “In Just One Day.” Even the book’s title describes her feelings as how her life flipped after her brother’s death on January 30, 2002.

Helen McGinn – Parents

The TV personality was born to parents whose names have not been revealed yet. However, her parents had separated when she was still young. The siblings grew closer after their parents divorce.

Helen McGinn
Childhood picture of the wine judge with her younger siblings Tim and Alex. (Source: Daily Mail)

The wine judge’s parents together had three children in total: two daughters, Helen being the oldest, a middle daughter named Alex, and their youngest, Tim, who unfortunately passed away in 2002.

Moreover, there is not much information about her relationship with her parents, as the writer has been quite private about her personal life on her social media platforms.

Helen McGinn – Wikipedia Bio And Age

Helen is an author, drinks writer, and presenter who was born and raised in Hampshire. The date of birth has not been revealed yet, but she is estimated to be between 50 and 55 years old, as per ZGR.

The author’s childhood was spent riding bikes, swimming in rivers, setting up camps in the woods, and watching movies with her siblings.

Helen McGinn
Helen McGinn a TV personality on food shows in the UK. (Source: Instagram)

However, the Saturday Kitchen host relocated to London to concentrate on her career goal. She is currently based in the New Forest.

Moreover, as per the sources, the author of the novel “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide” is married to the well-known designer Ross McGinn and has three children together named George, Xander, and Alice.

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