Lucy Worsley Illness – Is She Sick? Family Tree Age And Husband

Lucy Worsely

Lucy Worsley is a British historian, author, curator, and television host. Everyone, especially the netizens, is curious about Lucy Worsley illness and condition.

Although she is a co-chief curator of Historic Royal Palaces, she is best known for hosting historical-themed BBC television programs.

Worsley and The First Georgians were nominated by the Royal Television Society for its annual awards in February 2015 (for the best presenter and best history show, respectively).

She received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of Sussex in July 2015 (where she completed her doctorate).
She was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her contributions to history and heritage in the 2018 Birthday Honours.
On November 16, 2018, Charles, Prince of Wales, performed the inheritance at Buckingham Palace.

Lucy Worsley Illness – Is She Sick?

Everyone is talking about the British television commentator Lucy Worsley illness these days.

The English author, historian, and curator Lucy’s health are perfectly fine and doing well as of now. The information about Worsley being sick or suffering from any diseases is not up-to-date.

Lucy Worsley Illness
Lucy Worsley is a writer and producer born in Reading, Berkshire, England, UK. (Source: IMDb)

Before working with the Society for the Preservation of Historic Buildings, Worsley started her career in the summer of 1995 as a historic house conservator at Milton Manor, close to Abingdon.

She worked as a heritage site inspector for English Heritage in the East Midlands from 1996 to 2002.

Lucy researched William Cavendish, the 1st Duke of Newcastle’s life at the time and authored the English Heritage guide to Bolsover Castle, where he lived.
Her dissertation, The Architectural Patronage of William Cavendish, First Duke of Newcastle, 1593–1676, earned her a DPhil degree from the University of Sussex in 2001.

lucy worsley family tree and age

Worsley was born to Peter and Enid (nee Kay) in Reading, Berkshire, on December 18, 1973, so she will turn fifty in December.

Enid Worsley, the mother of Lucy, was a specialist in the field of education, while her father, Peter Worsley, was a geology professor at Reading University.

Peter, the father of Lucy, was born on October 30, 1939, and has published books, including The Darwin Farms: The Lincolnshire Estates of Charles and Erasmus Darwin and Their Family.

Lucy Worsley
Lucy Worsley says she would ‘put women in charge of all the world’s money ( Source: Irish News)

Before attending college, she completed The Abbey School in Reading, St. Bartholomew’s School in Newbury, and West Bridgford School in Nottingham.

She earned a BA with first-class honors in 1995 after completing a course of study in ancient and modern history at New College, Oxford.

She managed the 2012 completion of a £12 million renovation of the state residences and gardens at Kensington Palace.
She was named a visiting professor at Kingston University in 2005 and elected senior research fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

lucy worsley husband – Who Is Mark Hines?

Worsley and her husband, architect Mark Hines, who wed in November 2011, reside in Southwark by the River in south London.

Lucy once stated that she had been ‘educated out of normal reproductive function’ in relation to having children. Still, she later clarified that her initial statement had been ‘misinterpreted and sounded darker than I’d intended.’

She is well-known for her vocal tic, a little speech impediment affecting how she pronounces the letter “r” on television.
Lucy Worsley
Lucy Worsley: Put women in charge of the world’s money and see less spent on war, and more on education ( Source: The Telegraph)
The popular author labored with a speech and language therapist to improve her pronunciation as she transitioned from BBC Four to BBC Two for the series Fit to Rule: How Royal Sickness Shaped History, but to no avail.
In cross-country running, Worsley competed for Berkshire in her teens, and she continues to be an avid competitor.
Being a famous historian and curator, she encountered criticism in August 2020 after using the word ‘nigger’ during a rebroadcast of her documentary American History’s Greatest Fibs.

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