What Happened To Contessa Metcalfe? Illness And Health 2023

What Happened To Contessa Metcalfe

What happened to Contessa Metcalfe? From her dynamic roles as a doctor, entrepreneur, and reality TV star to the controversies surrounding her marriage and abrupt exit from ‘Married to Medicine,’ delve into the intriguing chapters of Dr. Contessa Metcalfe’s life.

Contessa Metcalfe is a multi-talented individual whose life and career have been characterized by a diverse range of experiences.

Determined to make a difference through medicine, Contessa earned her undergraduate degree in psychology/pre-medicine at Xavier University of Louisiana.

Contessa Metcalfe became a household name when she joined the cast of Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” in 2017. The reality show offers a glimpse into the lives of female doctors and doctors’ wives in Atlanta.

Having witnessed her mother’s battle with breast cancer and her father’s struggle with colon cancer, she chose a proactive approach to her health.

Contessa Metcalfe is married to Dr. Walter Scott Metcalfe, and their union has endured for over 17 years. They share three children: Lauren, Laila, and London Metcalfe.

Contessa Metcalfe’s journey is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and commitment to making a positive impact in the fields of medicine, business, and entertainment

What Happened To Contessa Metcalfe?

Contessa Metcalfe, a mainstay on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” for four years, has chosen to exit the reality series ahead of its anticipated tenth season.

Expressing the need for a break, Contessa voiced dissatisfaction with the show’s depiction of her roles as both a doctor and a mother.

The constant emotional moments and dramatic scenarios on the reality TV platform also contributed to her decision.

What Happened To Contessa Metcalfe
Contessa Metcalfe, the accomplished doctor and reality TV personality, has chosen to step away from the Bravo reality series “Married to Medicine”. (Source: Today Show)

While acknowledging the inherent challenges of reality television, Contessa emphasized the necessity of taking a hiatus from the intense environment.

Her departure has left fans intrigued, prompting speculation about the dynamics the upcoming season will bring.

As Contessa Metcalfe embarks on a new chapter, the reasons behind her exit highlight the demanding nature of reality TV and the toll it can take on individuals managing multifaceted roles in the public eye.

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Contessa Metcalfe Illness: Is She Sick?

As of current information, Contessa Metcalfe is not facing any specific illness. However, her health journey has been marked by significant challenges.

Having lost her mother to breast cancer and witnessing her father’s battle with colon cancer, Contessa has been proactive in managing her well-being.

In 2018, she underwent a preventive double mastectomy, a courageous decision aimed at reducing her risk of breast cancer.

What Happened To Contessa Metcalfe
Contessa has been candid about her health in the past, notably undergoing a double mastectomy in 2018. (Source: Bravo TV)

Despite not testing positive for the BRCA gene mutation, her family history and other factors motivated her to take this step.

As of now, there is no public indication of a new illness impacting Contessa Metcalfe. Her commitment to proactive health measures, including the decision to undergo a mastectomy.

This reflects her resilience and determination to prioritize her health in the face of a challenging medical history.

Contessa Metcalfe Health Update 2023

As of 2023, there is no specific health update available for Contessa Metcalfe. Her recent focus appears to be on taking a hiatus from reality television, channeling her energy towards family.

The decision to depart from “Married to Medicine” suggests a shift in priorities, emphasizing a new chapter in her life that has temporarily overshadowed specific health-related details.

For fans seeking updates on Contessa’s well-being, official statements or direct updates from her would be the primary sources.

What Happened To Contessa Metcalfe
Contessa Metcalfe and her husband Dr. Walter Scott Metcalfe share three children. (Source: Today Show)

Contessa’s proactive stance on health, exemplified by her past decisions such as undergoing a double mastectomy to mitigate breast cancer risks, reflects her dedication to maintaining a harmonious and fulfilling life.

While the absence of detailed health information leaves room for speculation, Contessa’s deliberate choices underscore a commitment to personal well-being amid the changes in her professional and personal life.

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