Danielle Colby Passed Away – Death News Real Or Hoax? Family And Net Worth

Danielle Colby Passed Away

Danielle Colby Passed Away is widespread news online; however, the death news got debunked as a Hoax. Danielle is an American reality TV show personality, dancer, producer and model.

Danielle Colby is an American Television star and burlesque dancer popularly known for getting featured in reality show American Pickers on the History Channel. Danielle was a former roller derby player who had participated in multiple competitions. She had to leave the sports after getting injured.

As a burlesque dancer, Danielle has a Burlesque Le Mustache group with nine members, including herself. Danielle also has her own burlesque academy in Chicago named Dannie Diesel’s Bump n Grind Academy.

She has a vibrant personality and is famous for her flamboyance and tattoos. According to Danielle, tattoos have deep meanings and are not for looks only.

Besides that, she owns a company called 4 Miles 2 Memphis which is a clothing brand. And she is also active in social and charity events that help women who were victims of sexual harassment and trafficking.

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Danielle Colby Passed Away – Death News Real Or Hoax?

The news about Dannielle Colby Passed Away circulated on various online media two years back. And the information is still going on different platforms; however, the word is not absolute and is just a Hoax spreading over the internet.

Danielle Colby Passed Away
Most recent image of Danielle Colby posted a day ago. (Source: Instagram)

Danielle is active on her social media and posts regularly on her Instagram account. She has about 264k followers on her Instagram and posted more than 7000 posts. Her most recent position was from a day ago.

Colby is a multi-talented woman who has an interest in multiple things. She tried her luck in different fields and succeeded in almost all. She is a former roller derby player representing the Big Mouth Mickies in her teens.

Colby had won a local-level championship during her sports career. Later she had to retire from the sports after getting several injuries.

Danielle later became a part of American Pickers, an American reality TV show created by Mike Wolfe, her long-term friend. Mike was able to sell his show to the History channel, and after that, he put Danielle in charge of his business office Antique Archaeology.

Danielle Colby Passed Away
Danielle Colby on the set of her TV show. (Source: The Sun)

The show was about Mike himself and Frank Fritz, who travel around the nation to collect antique items and sell them to collectors or interested buyers. The show gradually gained popularity, and later in 2010, the show got rated as top non-fiction series. Her fame got more comprehensive after the show.

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Danielle Colby Family

Danielle was born on 3rd December 1975, in Davenport, Iowa. Her mother’s name is Sue Colby. She has a sister named Carbomb Betty. She grew up in and spent most of her time in Chicago.

Danielle Colby Passed Away
Danielle Colby’s family photograph. (Source: Twitter)

Danielle married Kevin and had two children together, although the relationship could last longer, and the couple divorced. As per Danielle’s statement, Kevin could not handle the fame and popularity she was gaining, which led to the split.

She dedicated most of her time to the children; they meant much to her. Danielle has multiple tattoos dedicated to her children.

Danielle Colby Net Worth

Different media sources claim that the net worth of Danielle Colby is around $1.5 million. However, the actress’s actual net worth is not made public.

Danielle Colby Passed Away
An image of Danielle Colby from her website. (Source: Danielle Colby)

Danielle is an American dancer, model, TV personality, producer, and businesswoman. Besides, she is highly involved in issues related to women’s rights.

She spends considerable time and energy helping women who have been victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, or human trafficking.

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