20 Weakest Pokemon Of All Time

Pokemon’s base stats, evolution, and attacks determine their weakness or strength. Every type and generation of pokemon has its own weakest ones. However, the weakest pokemon of all time is a complete nightmare to the pokemon trainers.

There is a total of  898 pokemon to date. Every pokemon fan surely has their own favorites. What about your most disliked pokemon?

Let’s see if your least favorite ones make it to the list for the weakest pokemon of all time.

20 Weakest Pokemon Of All Time

The table below outlines the type and base stats of the top 20 weakest pokemon of all time.

Pokemon Type HP Attack  Speed  Defense
20. Ditto Normal 48 47 48 48
19. Delibird Ice/Flying 45 55 75 45
18. Burmy Bug 40 29 36 45
17. Scatterbug Bug 38 35 35 40
16. Wishiwashi Water 45 20 40 20
15. Patrat Normal 45 55 42 39
14. Bidoof Normal 59 45 31 40
13. Dunsparce Normal 100 70 45 70
12. Cosmog Psychic  43 29 37 31
11. Silcoon Bug 50 35 15 55
10. Feebas Water 20 15 80  20
9. Wobbuffet Psychic 190 33 33 58
8. Azurill Normal/ Fairy 50 20 20 40
7. Luvdisc Water 43 30 97 55
6. Wimpod Bug/ Water 25 35 80 40
5. Smeargle  Normal 55 20 75 35
4. Geodude Rock/Ground 40 80 20 100
3. Weedle Bug/ Poison 40 35 50 30
2. Magikarp Water 20 10 80 55
1. Unown Psychic 48 72 47 47

20. Ditto

Ditto is a blob-like pokemon introduced in the first generation.

Despite not being able to evolve and being a normal type Pokemon, it is known to win battles using its special ability to copy opponent pokemon. However, ditto is weak against rock and fighting-type pokemon.

Ditto_Normal_Pokemon (Source: Pokemondb)

Unfortunately, Ditto can copy opponents’ skills but not copy their HP, leaving it weaker than most opponents. Moreover, it has base stats of 48 for all HP, attack, defense, and speed.

19. Delibird

Delibird is an Ice/ flying type of pokemon introduced in the second generation.

It has a unique ability to heal, but the downside is that it can also heal the opponents, making losing battle quite high. Additionally, it is vulnerable to a range of attacks like rock, fire, electric, and steel moves.

Delibird-Pokemon-Ice-Flying (Source: polygon.com)

Besides, it doesn’t evolve in any form. Above all, it is a delivery pokemon with a special move called present which helps it carry items to those in need. However, it deems useless in a battle.

18. Burmy

Burmy, also called bagworm pokemon, is a bug-type of pokemon. This pokemon was introduced in generation four.

It made the first debut in Two Degrees of Separation!. In addition, it is weak to flying, fire, and rock moves. 

Burmy_bug_type_Pokemon (Source: Pokemondb)

Moreover, its attack base stats of only 29 which makes Burmy unlikely to win a battle. Furthermore, Burmy evolves into different forms depending on its gender.

17. Scatterbug

Scatterbug, a forest-dwelling bug-type pokemon, was introduced in the sixth generation.

It is the weakest of its generation, with the lowest baseline stats in the generation. However, its evolved form Vivillon is powerful with attacks like sleep powder.

Scatterbug_bug_Pokemon (Source: Pokemon. fandom)

Unfortunately, until it evolves to the form, Scatterbug is quite useless in a battle. Scatterbug is weak to flying, rock, and fire moves.

16. Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi is small water-type pokemon that is quite weak on its own, with attack and defense base stats of only 20.

For instance, it is comparatively stronger when it unleashes its schooling ability. However, despite the power of Wishiwashi school, one power move from an opponent can drastically reduce the health of this pokemon, returning it to its weak, lonely self.

Wishiwashi_Water_type_Pokemon (Source: Pokemondb)

Once the health of wishiwashi school drops below 25, they become solitary again.

15. Patrat

Patrat is the normal type of pokemon of scout species. However, being the weakest pokemon of fifth-generation, it ranks lower in power than other rodent pokemon like Ratata.

For instance, it has low base stats of 45 HP and 39 defense points. Its power moves are Hypnosis and Super Fang. Patrat-Normal-weakest-Pokemon

Patrat-Normal-Pokemon (Source: Pokemon. fandom)

However, its vulnerability to fighting type makes it a weak option for battles. Furthermore, its lower base defense makes it more useless in a battle against fighting-type pokemon.

14. Bidoof

Bidoof is a plump mouse species pokemon of the normal type. In addition, it pops up almost everywhere and is quite easy to catch.

This rodent-like pokemon is an easy use pokemon for beginner pokemon trainers to learn to fight battles. However, its low base stats and limited moves make it useless in fighting other opponents.


Furthermore, Bidoof is especially vulnerable to fighting moves being a normal pokemon.

For instance, its main ability is Swords dance but using it completely exhausts the pokemon making it weaker after the attack. This makes Bidoof weaker than other normal type pokemon.

13. Dunsparce

Dunsparce, also called Land snake pokemon, is a normal type of pokemon.

Introduced in the second generation, this pokemon is considered weak despite being rare to catch. It has a high HP of 100 but is weak to fighting and rock-type attacks.

Dunsparce_normal_pokemon(Source: Pokemondb)

Due to its low speed of 45, its attack is mostly shielded by rock-type pokemon, making it weak against them. Its best offense moves are bite and Rock Slide.

12. Cosmog

Cosmog is a rare psychic pokemon introduced in the seventh generation. It is of Nebula species. Its only major attacks are teleporting and splash.

Cosmog_weakest_pokemon_of_all_Time (Source: hitc.com)

Also, its base defense of only 31 makes it weak to both attack and defense. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to Dark, Ghost, and bug-type attacks.

11. Silcoon

Silcoon, also known as cocoon pokemon, is a bug-type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves to Beautifly at level 10, which is its only advantage.

Silcoon-Coccon-Pokemon (Source: Pokemondb)


Moreover, Silcoon has the least speed with a base speed of only 15. Its major ability is to shed skin which is not a high-level ability. Moreover, Silcoon is vulnerable to Fire, Rock, and Flying attacks.

10. Feebas

Feebas is a water type, fish pokemon found in weeded ponds. It first appeared in Whiscash and Ash, biting Jessie’s hair.

Feebas_Cosmog_weakest_pokemon_of_all_Time (Source: sportskeeda.com)

Introduced on generation III, this pokemon has a shallow base HP of 20. Furthermore, its base attack is at 15, and its defense is at 20, making it a weak opponent.

9. Wobbuffet

Wynaut evolves into wobbuffet at level 15. This psychic pokemon has a very high base HP of 190. In addition, its main advantage is its bulk which is used to withstand enemy attacks and trap opponents.

Wobbuffet belongs to the patient species of pokemon but can turn vicious when attacked, mirroring opponents’ moves.


Even though it is an evolved form, wobbuffet lacks defense, making it vulnerable to stronger opponents despite its power. As a result, it is mostly used in offense teams and does not fit into other teams well.

8. Azurill

Azurill, a Fairy-type pokemon, is the weakest pokemon in all of generation III. It is vulnerable to Steel and Poison attacks.

Furthermore, it was made fairy-type pokemon only in generation III, and it used to be a normal type Pokemon. Usually, baby pokemon has weak baseline stats, but Azuril has the least among them.

Azurill-Fairy-Type-Pokemon (Source: Pokemondb)


With a base HP of only 50 and an attack and speed of 40, Azuril is quite weak in battle. For instance, its main moves are Bubble and Body Slam which causes maximum damage to the opponent.

7. Luvdisc

Luvdisc is a water-type pokemon. However, it is vulnerable to grass and electric attacks.

This friendly Rendezvous  Pokemon was introduced in Generation III. Moreover, its main disadvantages include no evolution, limited learning skills, and a weak attack of base 30.

Pokemon-Anime-Luvdisc (Source: theclick.gg)

Intresting fact: Loving couples named the poekmon Luvdisc after spotting it in the ocean.

6. Wimpod

Wimpod is a bug-type pokemon of Turn tail species. As its name suggests, it is a cowardly pokemon.

It runs and hides when approached and easily taps out in battles. Moreover, it has a low base HP of 25 and a low attack of 35. Nevertheless, Wimpod evolves at level 30 into Golisopod.

wimpod_weales_pokemon_of_all_time (Source: Pokemondb)

Above all, Wimpod’s base stats are low except for its speed, making it an easy opponent to defeat in battles. In addition, its predictable moves are also a major disadvantage. Also, it is among the weakest in gen VI.

5. Smeargle

Smeargle is the normal type of painter pokemon. Its main move is Sketch which is used to copy opponents’ last move. Its unique ability is to paint through its tail. However, this ability is useless in battle.

Above all, the sketch is a unique move, but it’s difficult to win a battle against bigger opponents using the sketch. However, its major drawback is that it does not evolve. Also, it does not learn any new attacks.

Smeargle-Painter-Type-Pokemon (source: Pokemon)

Quick fact: You can find this rare pokemon at Universities on Pokemon Go.

4. Geodude

Geodude is a rock-type pokemon. It has high self-defense of base stats 100.

Despite its high self-defense, it is quite weak in a battle due to its least speed of base stats 20 compared to any other pokemon.

Geodude_Rock_Pokemon (Source: Pokemondb)

Moreover, it is weak against water, grass, ground, Ice, Steel and, fighting moves.

3. Weedle

Weedle is a bug/ poison type pokemon with weak defense of base stats at 30.

Although it can evolve easily to its highest form Beedril, at level 10, is still considered weak at its fully evolved form. It has few moves like poison sting and bug bite. However, it has far more weaknesses. Moreover, it is weak to Rock, Flying, Psychic, and Fire attacks.

Weedle_Weakest_pokemon_of_all_time (Source: sportskeeda.com)

Moreover, as Weedles evolves, it sacrifices one of its abilities for others. Overall, deeming it less powerful. Additionally, when Weedle evolves to Kakuna, its defense increases. Meanwhile, both attack and speed decrease. After it evolves to Beedril, its attack is increased, but its defense is lowered.

Weedle is the weakest Pokemon in Gen I

2. Magicarp

The second weakest pokemon of all time is Magicarp. Magicarp is a water-type fish pokemon with low baseline speed and HP of 80 and 20, respectively.

For instance, it has only a few major attacks like splash and jump. However, it can only jump less than seven feet, and this power is also its weakness as it is a vulnerable position, easy for other pokemon like Diglette to attack.

Water-type-Magicarp (source: pokemondb)

Moreover, the only perk is that it evolves to Gyarados at level 20. Despite this, it is a lot of effort to keep the pokemon till it evolves.

1. Unown

Unown, a psychic-type pokemon, is the weakest pokemon of all time.

However, we are not to be fooled by its slightly higher base stats than other weak pokemon. It has only one move called Hidden Power which makes it the weakest Pokemon in battle. Moreover, it is weak to bug, dark, and ghost attacks.

Unown_weakest_pokemon_of_all_time (Source: nintendolife)

Unown has no evolution.

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