10 Best Cricket Stadiums in the World

Best Cricket Ground

Best Cricket Stadiums In The World!!

Cricket is the second-most followed sport in the world, with almost 2.5 billion followers.

Generally, there are three major forms of cricket played around the world; Test Cricket, One-Day International, and Twenty-twenty.

Kirtipur Cricket Stadium (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Kirtipur Cricket Stadium (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

To detail, it is extremely popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, the West Indies, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.

A cricket ground or the stadium in which it is played has a major role in making it more interesting.

Well, it depends on a few factors such as location, seating capacity, area, matches played and won, and so on to make an ordinary stadium the best.

Having said that, here are the 10 Best Cricket Stadiums in the World!

Quick Facts

Rank Name of the Stadium Location Capacity
1. Lord’s Cricket Ground London, England 30,000
2. Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne, Australia 100,024
3. Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney, Australia 48,000
4. Eden Gardens Kolkata, India 68,000
5. The Oval London, England 27,500
6. The Wanderers Sandton, South Africa 34,000
7. Eden Park Auckland, New Zealand 50,000
8. The WACA East Perth, Australia 24,500
9. Dharamshala Stadium Himachal Pradesh, India 23,000
10. Old Trafford Great Manchester, England 74,140

Best Cricket Stadiums In The World

Let’s look into a few details of these 10 Best Cricket Stadiums in the World. Well, the information below has been compiled from trustworthy websites including The Stadium Guide and ESPN Cricinfo.

#10. Old Trafford

Address: Talbot Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 0PX, United Kingdom

Opened In: 1857

Capacity: 26,000

This iconic old cricket ground in the United Kingdom has hosted several test matches and is located only five minutes away from another iconic sports stadium- Manchester United football stadium.

Well, the name of this ancient stadium has been changed to Emirates Old Trafford. To detail, it represents the Emirates airlines company.

Furthermore, Old Trafford is the cricket home ground for the clubs like Manchester Cricket Club. Not only that but, during summer Lancashire County Cricket Club makes the most use of this stadium.

Cricket Stadium
Old Trafford Cricket Stadium (Source: Wikipedia)

The second oldest test ground in England, Old Trafford held the first test match between England and Australia.

Moreover, it is the same ground where the veteran Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar made his first test hundred at the young age of 17, back in 1990.

Following that match, Tendulkar managed to become the second-youngest centurion.

Did you know- Trafford was also used as a transit camp during the Second World War? To illustrate, the ground served as a supply depot and a spot for the warriors returning from Dunkirk.

#09. Dharamshala Stadium

Address: Dharmashala Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Opened In: 2003

Capacity: 23,000

Amongst our ten top list, Dharamshala Stadium is the only stadium that was established after the 2000s.

The newest cricket ground from the list is located 4,780 ft above sea level and boasts beautiful Himalaya ranges in the background.

Dharmasala Cricket Stadium
Dharmasala Cricket Stadium (Source: Tribune India)

The town where the stadium stands is known as the home of the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Furthermore, Dharamshala Stadium also comes on the list of the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world.

In IPL, the ground serves as the home ground for Kings XI Punjab and also its very own Himachal Pradesh team.

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#08. The WACA

Address: WACA Ground, Nelson Cres, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

Opened In: 1893

Capacity: 24,500

WACA, the West Australian Cricket Association, is one of the popular venues to enjoy test matches for cricket lovers all around the world.

To add, the ground rose to popularity mainly after the 1970s.

Located near the Fremantle sea in Perth, the sea breeze blows across the ground. Furthermore, it aids bowlers to have that little extra swinging effort while bowling.

The WACA (Source: The Guardian)
The WACA (Source: The Guardian)

Moreover, WACA ground is also known as “Fast Bowlers Paradise.” To illustrate, it serves as one of the fastest pitches in the world.

Now, talking about the ground’s layout, it boasts six 70 meter tall light towers with around 140 lights in each of these towers.
Likewise, the operating costs of these towers range from almost $600 per hour.

#07. Eden Park

Address: Reimers Avenue, Kingsland, Auckland 1024, New Zealand

Opened In: 1900

Capacity: 50,000

On the number 7, we have the famous cricket stadium of New Zealand- Eden Park!

Eden Park stadium is located in a stunning location and has great weather loved by both cricketers and the audiences.

Eden Park (Source: ICC Cricket)
Eden Park (Source: ICC Cricket)

This biggest stadium of New Zealand, Eden Park, also provides a great swing, thus loved by the fast bowlers. Every cricket admirers love to watch how swiftly the ball races to the boundary.

#06. The Wanderers

Address: Corlett Dr, Illovo, Sandton, 2196, South Africa

Opened In: 1956

Capacity: 34,000

The Wanderers cricket stadium of Johannesburg, South Africa, is also known as the ‘Home of South African Cricket.”

To detail, cricket is fairly popular in South Africa. It is home to many great players, including Mr. 360 of cricket “AB de Villiers.”

The Wanderers (Source: Wisden)
The Wanderers (Source: Wisden)

From hosting test matches back in the 1900s to the Cricket World Cup finale in 2003, Wanderers has been the venue of several great matches cricket lovers have enjoyed throughout the decades.

Moreover, in 2007, it also hosted the T20 World Cup final.

#05. The Oval

Address: Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SS, United Kingdom

Opened In: 1845

Capacity: 27,500

The Oval, located in Kennington, is another iconic and ancient cricket ground of the world.

The stadium has an amazing history as it hosted the very first test match in England. It was a match between England and Australia.

The Oval (Source: Sportsmatik)
The Oval (Source: Sportsmatik)

Moreover, in 1872, it also served as the first FA Cup (Football Association Cup) final venue.

Similarly, ever since its establishment, The Oval has served as the home ground for Surrey County Cricket Club.

#04. Eden Gardens

Address: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Opened In: 1864

Capacity: 68,000

Eden Gardens is the third-biggest cricket stadium in the world. With a maximum seating capacity of 68,000, it is located in a beautiful Kolkata city, India.

Moreover, Eden Gardens is also a home ground for Kolkata Knight Riders, a franchise team on the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Eden Gardens (Source: KreedOn)
Eden Gardens (Source: KreedOn)

India is definitely the most cricket-crazy country on our planet, so Eden Gardens stands as the national treasure filled with love on every match.

Likewise, it is the oldest cricket stadium in India which was renovated before the Cricket World Cup in 2011.

#03. Sydney Cricket Ground

Address:  Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia

Opened In: 1854

Capacity: 48,000

Sydney Cricket Ground takes the number third position, which is 156m long and 154m wide.

The very ground has held numerous iconic cricket matches. However, the stadium not only serves for cricket but also for football and rugby.

Sydney Cricket Ground (Source: NDTV Sports)
Sydney Cricket Ground (Source: NDTV Sports)

The ground hosted the first test match which was played between Australia and England in 1882.

Most recently, it hosted a test match in January 2022, again between Australia and England.

#02. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Address: Brunton Ave, Richmond VIC 3002, Australia

Opened In: 1853

Capacity: 100,024

The next iconic cricket stadium in Australia, Melbourne Cricket Ground, is definitely one of the most stunning cricket venues in the world.

Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG is the place where the OG cricket lovers enjoyed their first test match as well as the first ODI.

The ground possesses a long history with it.

Melbourne Cricket Stadium (Source: NDTV Sports)
Melbourne Cricket Stadium (Source: NDTV Sports)

Moreover, it has also hosted two World Cup finals.

Similarly, it is also one of the largest stadiums in the world, as it is only one with more than 100,000 seating capacity on this list.

Similar to Sydney Cricket Ground, MCG also works as the venue for football and rugby matches.

#01. Lord’s Cricket Ground

Address: St John’s Wood Rd, London NW8 8QN, United Kingdom

Opened In: 1814

Capacity: 30,000

Now, the first one on the list, Lord’s Cricket Ground, is the most iconic cricket stadium in our world.

Also renowned as the “home of cricket,” the stadium is the finest one in the world of cricket.

Lord's Cricket Ground (Source: ICC Cricket)
Lord’s Cricket Ground (Source: ICC Cricket)

Back in 1814, Thomas Lord established Lord’s Cricket Ground which has served as the venue for a lot of historic cricket matches.

Likewise, it has hosted the most World Cup finale matches.

Lord’s cricket ground is like a holy place for cricket lovers; therefore, it surely deserves the top position on the list.

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