Aleksandar Vukic Parents: Meet Rad and Ljiljana

Aleksandar Vukic Parents

Aleksandar Vukic Parents, Rad, and Ljiljana have been supportive and encouraging of his career since the very beginning.

Aleksandar Vukic, also known as Alex, is a highly regarded tennis player from Australia, who has gained significant recognition in the tennis community.

He achieved his career-best ATP singles ranking of 87th globally on July 3, 2023, and his career-best doubles ranking of 394th globally.

The player showcased talent and determination by qualifying for the 2018 Sydney International and the 2020 French Open, marking his debut appearances in major tournaments.

After doing well in his previous matches, the athlete made it to the final of the 2023 Open de Oeiras II, which was a Challenger event.

This achievement allowed Vukic to enter the top 100 rankings for the first time, making his debut at the 95th position in the world on May 22, 2023.

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Aleksandar Vukic Parents: Meet Rad and Ljiljana

Vukic was born on April 6, 1996, in Sydney, Australia.

Aleksandar Vukic Parents along with his brother, Vladimir, migrated to Sydney in the early 1990s during the turbulent separation of Yugoslavia, even before the player was born.

Alex’s father had to disguise himself as part of another family on an SOS plane, which was also fleeing from the conflict.

Meanwhile, the athlete’s mother and brother had to leave the country earlier, seeking refuge in Sydney along with other women and children.

Their escape was because men over 18 years old had to join the army in Yugoslavia.

So, to protect their family, Aleksandar Vukic Parents decided to leave and start a new life in Australia.

Rad was scared of being forced to join the war and risking his life.

At that time, their family lived in Sarajevo, the conflict’s center. They wanted to avoid becoming victims or getting involved in any way possible. 

Even though they faced a lot of difficulties, the family was able to get visas and move to a completely new country.

After the family arrived in Australia, Rad discovered his passion for tennis.

He taught Alex how to play and helped him pursue a career in the sport.

During his childhood, the player participated in various sports like football, tennis, volleyball, and rugby.

However, tennis captured his interest the most.

Aleksandar Vukic Parents
Aleksandar Vukic Parents, Rad, and Ljiljana had to flee Yugoslavia as a result of the ongoing war. (Source: tennis)

In an interview, the athlete shared that he used to chase after his dad and brother, collecting the balls while they played.

When they left their home, Aleksandar Vukic parents had to leave everything behind and only had $1000 to support themselves.

It has been twenty-five years since Aleksandar Vukic parents left Yugoslavia, and they faced many challenges along the way.

But through hard work, both his mom and dad became successful computer engineers.

Aleksandar Vukic siblings

As mentioned earlier, the Australian tennis player has an older brother named Vladimir. He was born in Bosnia and is six years older than Alex.

Similar to his younger brother, Vladimir also played tennis and started playing the sport when he was ten years old.

Since both brothers were involved in tennis, it became a source of competition and motivation for them to outperform each other.

Unfortunately, he has faced health challenges throughout his life. He has had severe asthma since he was just one year old.

Aleksandar Vukic siblings
Pictured; Aleksandar Vukic and his brother, Vladimir. (Source: Instagram)

Despite Vladimir’s health challenges, he didn’t let them stop him from being active.

He currently works in a private equity firm and regularly shows his support to his brother by attending his tennis matches and cheering him on.

The Vukic siblings have always been there for one another, offering support and inspiration throughout their lives.

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