Felix Cipher Tiktok: Colorado Man Thinks He Is Adolf Hitler In Past Life

People are curious to know more about Felix Cipher TikTok, who claims to be Adolf Hilter in their past life. 

Felix Cipher, a TikTok user, has been the subject of numerous complaints after posting disturbing videos while donning the Nazi insignia. Felix even claimed to be the reincarnation of Hitler, the German tyrant. Cipher is said to have been taken from all social media networks. However, videos and photographs are still making the rounds on the internet.

The TikToker shared stuff that upset many online users. Cipher posed with a large septum nose ring in the first video. The crew was remarkably similar to Hitler, which sparked the current controversy. 

Felix was also observed wearing a grey military jacket with a plainly visible pin imprinted with the German Imperial Eagle or Reichsadler and the nose ring.

TikTok is no stranger to controversy, frequently serving as the beginning point for several debates that quickly spread over social media. Many individuals are becoming aware of the Felix Cipher topic right now. 

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Who Is Felix Cipher Tiktok? Clamming To Be Hilter In The Past

Felix Cipher is a social media influencer and TikTok user from Colorado. They first appeared on TikTok in 2021 and have been releasing trendy material. Cipher’s personal life is a mystery. They are said to be transgender. Cipher has a lot of snake videos on his channel.

After dressing up as Adolf Hitler, Cipher became a hot meme and hashtag. They shared a video in which they wore a nose ring that resembled Hitler’s toothbrush mustache. 

Additionally, their military uniform and Nazi-era pins bore an uncanny similarity to the German dictator, eliciting significant online criticism. Following the backlash, they were removed from all social media platforms, including TikTok and YouTubers.

Felix Cipher
Felix Cipher Look That Got Them In Trouble (Source: We Got This Covered)

Many people found the TikTokker’s content disturbing, including a video in which Felix wore a Nazi symbol and another in which they claimed to have been “Hilter in a previous life.”

In the interim, Felix Cipher appears to have been taken from all major social media networks, including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They erased the content themselves in response to the uproar.

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Felix Cipher Tiktok Controversy 

Cipher shared a TikTok about a massive septum nose ring they had produced on February 6. The nose ring is reminiscent of a certain German dictator’s toothbrush mustache.

Cipher was also wearing what appeared to be a grey military jacket with a visible pin emblazoned with the German Imperial Eagle or Reichsadler. According to WeGotThisCovered, the Reichsadler on the pin was used when the country was under Nazi administration between 1933 and 1945.

The now-deleted video is still visible in duets produced by other users who were outraged by the symbolism. The True Adventures, a TikTok account established by two Holocaust survivors, performed a duet with the video and captioned it, “Not cool, Felix.”

Felix Cipher Is Said To Have Been Fired After Going Viral

Some online users are incensed by Felix’s statements and have set out to learn more about the TikTokker.

One user discovered Felix’s workplace and filed a complaint with their company. According to a screenshot, Felix no longer works at the establishment because his values do not “match their ideals.”

Despite the criticism, some internet users are willing to give Cipher the benefit of the doubt. Cipher might be “cosplaying” or “wearing up outlandishly to shock us or be ‘edgy,’ according to the pair behind The True Adventures TikTok channel, who wrote for The Times Of Israel.

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  1. Why omit that he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and autism and was experiencing a psychosis. Him and his family are jewish and they lost people in the holocaust. He is not in a place of mental reason

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