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Von Miller

American Football player and an outside linebacker for Los Angeles Rams, Von Miller’s net worth is a staggering $40 million.

Von Miller was born on March 26, 1989, in Dallas, Texas, and had a great interest in football from his childhood.

Von Miller
Von Miller In Denver Broncos Kit (Source: ESPN)

Moreover, he received the Butkus award during his college years as he was regarded as the best linebacker in the whole county.

Miller made his debut in 2011 after Denver Broncos picked him up in the 2011 NFL Draft in the first round.

Von Miller | Quick Facts

Full Name Von B’Vsean Miller Jr.
Nickname The Chinese Dragon
Birth Place Dallas, Texas
Age 35 Years Old
Birthdate March 26, 1989
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Education DeSoto High School, Texas A&M University
Zodiac Aries
Mother’s Name Gloria Miller
Father’s Name Von Miller
Siblings Vinsynzie
Height 6’3″ inches
Weight 112 kg
Build Athletic
Shoe Size 15 (US)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Position outside linebacker
League NFL
Team Los Angeles Rams
Marital Status Not Married
Past Megan Denise
Net Worth $40 Million
Profession Professional Football Athlete
Debut 2005
Career Highlights and Awards Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl, First-team All-Pro, NFL Defensive Rookie of The Year, All-American
Endorsements Adidas, Best Buy, Chef’s Cut Jerky, and Muzik Headphones
Social Media Instagram & Twitter
Merch Signed HelmetFootball, Signed Photo
Last Update July 2024

Von Miller | Net Worth, Income & Fines

As of July,2024 Von Miller’s net worth is a whopping $40 million.

Most of his net worth has been boosted by the NFL contracts, signing bonuses, and other playing bonuses.

With that being said, he has sponsorship deals with many companies and has also made investments in two different companies.

NFL Contracts

To date Von Miller has earned $144.47 million through NFL contracts.

He spent 11 seasons with the Denver Broncos, where he earned $143.75 million, and one season with the Los Angeles Rams earning $722,223.

Von Miller signed his first four-year NFL contract in 2011 worth $21 million.

Likewise, the contract also included the signing bonus of $13,773,004, giving him an average salary of $5,250,095.

Afterward, in 2016 he extended his contract for a year, earning a salary of $14,129,000.

Von Miller is one of the best linebackers in the NFL, which can be justified by the astonishing contract he signed in 2016.

Miller signed a six-year contract worth $114,100,000 with the Denver Broncos, including a signing bonus of $17 million.

Similarly, the contract also included a total guarantee of $70 million and $42 million guaranteed at signing.

The contract stated that he would receive a workout bonus of $500,000.

In 2016 Miller also received a Roster Bonus of $6 million.

Following the 2016 contract, Miller became the 97th highest-paid athlete when he earned $35.1 million, of which $33.1 million came from salary and $2 million from endorsements.

Earning From Contracts Over The years

In 2011, Miller earned $14,148,004 in total with $13,773,004 as a signing bonus and $375,000 as a salary. Similarly, in 2012 he earned $1,329,563.

Furthermore, he received  $1,477,964 as a salary in 2013 and $3,238,688 in 2014.

After signing a one-year contract in 2015, his salary rose to $9,754,000.

Furthermore, Miller signed a new contract and earned $25 million in 2016. He earned $2 million as a signing bonus, $17 million as a signing fee, $6 million as a restructure bonus, and $100,000 as an incentive.

Similarly, he made an earning of $16.5 million in 2017. He earned a whopping $19,427,315 in 2018.

Moreover, in 2018 Miller earned $2 million as a salary, $500,000 through workout bonus, $16.9 million from restructuring bonus, and $27,315 as an incentive.

Likewise, he earned $17.5 million in 2019, out of which he earned $17 million as a basic salary and $500,000 as a workout bonus.

Miller received a salary of $18 million in 2020, where he earned $17.5 million as a basic salary and $500,000 as a workout bonus.


In 2021 he earned $21,502,777 with Denver Broncos. Moreover, Miller earned $16,777,777 as a base salary, $500,000 as a workout bonus and $4,225,000 as a restructure bonus.

In November, he was traded to Los Angeles Rams, and the Rams paid him $722,223.


Von Miller has paid a total of $949,215 as a fine for breaking various rules and regulations of the games.

He received a fine of $21,056 for roughing the passer against Gardener Minshew. Miller also paid $8,681 for roughing the passer against Tom Brady.

Miller received $11,567 for excessive celebration for a touchdown against Detroit. Moreover, he was suspended for six games and fined $806,161 for substance abuse.

Likewise, he was fined $15,000 for hitting the head of Carlson Palmer. He was also fined $25,000 two times, one for hitting Josh Freeman below the knees and a low hit on Cam Newton.

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Net Worth of Von Miller in Different Currencies

Let us look into Von Miller’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 35,795,800
Pound Sterling £ 29,750,600
Australian Dollar A$ 57,249,200
Canadian Dollar C$ 51,054,000
Indian Rupee ₹ 3,001,860,000
Bitcoin ฿ 1,051

Von Miller | Houses, Cars, Jewellery & Jersey


Von Miller’s net worth as of July 2024 is $40 million.

He has a beautiful house in Foxfield, Colorado, which he purchased in 2012 for $925,000.

Likewise, he renovated the house on 4.32 acres which has ten bathrooms and seven bedrooms. Similarly, he also owns a chicken farm in DeSoto, Texas.

Currently, he is playing for Los Angeles Rams and resides in Los Angeles.


Von Miller has some luxurious cars in his collection.

He owns Chevrolet Camaro SS, which was later custom modified and cost him $70,000. Similarly, Miller drives a BMW Hybrid i8, which has a price of $145,000.

Von Miller Custom Batman Camaro SS
Von Miller Custom Batman Camaro SS (Source: live biography)

In 2016 Miller bought Ford Focus for $50,000. Furthermore, he has a $1.7 million Ferrari in his collection.


Von Miller bought $220,000 worth of jewelry in 2015.

His jewelry collection includes two 7.5 karat diamond “Royal Collection” charms, two Rolex Watches, two Hublot “Big Bang” King Diamond Watches, and Two diamond chains of 25 and 35 karats.

Miller also has a collection of more than 150 sunglasses, 800 pairs of designer shoes, and an extensive wardrobe.

Von Miller | Lifestyle & Vacation


As of July, 2024 Von Miller’s net worth is an enormous $40 million. With that net worth, he is living quite a luxurious life.

From childhood, he was an athletic player, played for DeSoto Eagles in his high school, and took part in track events.

Likewise, during college, he played for Texas A&M Aggies Football. Miller has a bachelor’s degree in poultry science and has a chicken farm in Texas.

Previously, he had a relationship with Megan Denise. Together they have a son Valor B’Vsean Mille. 

As for his diet, he eats cage-free eggs with turkey bacon, starch, and potato during breakfast.

Similarly, for lunch, he devours protein-rich foods such as chicken breast.

However, his favorite food is Beef jerky, and he eats it every day.

As a professional NFL player, he should always be up for the game. Therefore, he hits the gym regularly, lifting weights. Von Miller also performs various training to hone his skills.

Miller is a frequent traveler and goes on vacations every now and then. His favorite destinations include Cabo, Mexico, and Paris.

Von Miller | Charity

Von Miller founded Von’s Vision in 2011, intending to provide free eye check-ups to the children.

The foundation hosts Von’s Vision Day and Von Miller’s Back to School Vision Day every year.

During the event, free eye check-ups of children are performed, and required glasses are provided.

Moreover, Von’s Vision has provided $4 million worth of eye care services to different parts of the US.

Similarly, during the Covid outbreak, he started a Coronavirus relief campaign to provide food to the students.

Von Miller | Media, Investment, Endorsements & Books


Von Miller participated in season 22 of the Dancing with the Stars. He partnered with Witney Carson, and they finished in 8th position.

Similarly, he also hosts Von Miller’s Studio 58, where he talks about football and music.

Investment & Endorsements

As of July 2024, Von Miller’s net worth is a towering $40 million.

He has invested in the two businesses to date.

He invested $8 million in Matchabar on July 17, 2018, and $4 million in Fanchest on December 13, 2017.

Furthermore, Miller earns about $2 million through various endorsement deals.

Currently, he has endorsement deals with Adidas and Best Buy. However, he has also endorsed Chef’s Cut Jerky and Muzik headphones.

Book Publications

John M. Fishman has published the book titled Von Miller in 2017, where he talks about Von’s career and achievement.

Similarly, Joe L Morgan has also published a book on Von Miller (Gridiron Greats: Pro Football’s Best Players).

Von Miller | Career

Von Miller started his NFL career in 2011 after Denver Broncos drafted him in the first round as the second overall pick.

He has played 150 games and has recorded 540 total tackles, 27 forced fumbles, 115.5 sacks, nine fumble recoveries, 22 pass deflections, two interceptions, and two touchdowns.

Von Miller playing for Los Angeles Rams
Von Miller Playing for Los Angeles Rams (Source: Turf Show Times)

Miller played for Denver Broncos until 2021 and was traded to Los Angeles Rams.

He has won many awards during his career like Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl, First-team All-Pro, NFL Defensive Rookie of The Year, All-American.

Facts About Von Miller

  • Von Miller has the highest amount of sacks compared to all the players active in the NFL.
  • He wears jersey number 58 to honor NFL legend Derrick Thomas. Likewise, he wears a 40 number jersey honoring Rams legend Elroy Leon “Crazylegs” Hirsch.
  • Miller is the second-highest player to record 80 sacks in the NFL. Moreover, he achieved this feat in 96 games.


How many champions rings does Von Miller have?

Von Miller has one championship ring. He won that ring in 2015-2016 with Denver Broncos.

Where is Von Miller today?

After being traded by Denver Broncos in November 2021, he is currently playing for Los Angeles Rams.

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