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Usain Bolt

The sprinting superstar Usain Bolt net worth is $90 million as of July 2024.

The world-class sprinter who turned the million’s eyes into forgettable athletics into the mainstream and limelight was born to parents Wellesley Bolt (Father) and Jennifer Bolt (Mother).

Usain’s early childhood was full of struggle, but he kept working hard to get the desired success.

Usain Bolt Ready for Run
Usain Bolt Ready for Run

The early days of Usain were similar to any other human being, but his burgeoning height, which was constantly making him different from his fellow mates.

No one knew that increasing body height is for achieving something special in the future.

During early childhood, Usain developed a keen interest in Cricket and wanted to follow the superstars of the Caribbean’s Viv Richards.

However, he was interested in Cricket, which was not meant for him; when he had his schooling at William Knibb memorial high school, the school coach advised him to shift into running.

Once Usain bolt started taking an interest in the sprint, then rest is history.

Usain Bolts early Breakthrough

After competing in school games, he first came into the mainstream, where he raised everyone’s eyebrows with a fantastic time clock to finish a 200m sprint in just 22.04 sec.

Later, he participated in world events where he was able to showcase his talent.

And clocked 20.2 seconds to sprint 200m in the world junior athletics championship, which helped him earn major honors into his early career.

He was merely a 15-year-old boy during that time, and the world has a lot of his heroics to witness in the future.

Usain got a lot of hype and anticipation while taking part in the Summer Olympics 2003 in Athens but could not perform the way everybody was expecting because of injuries.

As everyone goes through ups and down, Usain was no different. He handled the low time and rigorously worked hard to be one of the greatest of all time in athletics history.

Usain Bolt | Quick Facts

Full name Usain St Leo Bolt
Date of birth 21 August 1986
Place of birth Trelawny, Jamaica
Nationality Jamaican
Zodiac sign Leo
Religion Catholic
Residence Kingston, Jamaica
Height 6’5” (1.95m)
Weight 207 lbs. (94 kg)
Hair color Black
Eye color dark brown
Father Wellesley Bolt
Mother Jennifer Bolt
Siblings Brother: Sadik Bolt Sister: Sherine Bolt
Marital status Unmarried
Children Daughter: Olympia Lighting Bolt
Hobbies Dancing, Playing video games, watching cricket & football.
Favorite Athlete Don Quarrie
Favorite Cricketer Waqar Younis
Favorite Food Chicken nuggets, Ackee and saltfish (Jamaican dish), chicken breast and pasta
Favorite Book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Favorite film Gladiator
Merch Signed Jersey
Retired 2017
Last Updated 2021

Usain Bolt | Net Worth and Income

The retired Jamaican superstar sprinter Usain bolt holds numerous records in 100m, 200m, and 4x100m sprints.

Bolt is considered one of the greatest players ever to participate in athletics history. The Jamaican superstar is one of the best-paid athletic stars in the present era. His net worth is $90 million.

The earnings ratio contribution to endorsement and competition is 30:1.

As a teenager, Usain has done an endorsement deal with the sporting brand Puma, which was worth 10 million dollars a year and ran $4 million a year even after retirement.

Usain Bolt Puma Outfit
Usain Bolt Puma Outfit

He has many such endorsement contracts with Sprint, Advil, Visa, Hublot, Virgin Media, All Nippon Airways, etc.

Usain bolt charges up to 400,000 dollars for a single appearance in an event, as organizers believe Usain’s presence can easily attract the spectators.

The majority of the money made by him comes through endorsement, and few from the event appearance.

Besides this, the bolt is co-founder of an electric scooter company.

The earnings overview of Usain bolt:

According to Forbes, he has more than a dozen sponsors.

Bolt has opened a chain restaurant (track and records) in Jamaica, and U.K. Bolt has opened his own company in Miami called Champion Shave.

Usain Bolt | Cars & House


He has a wide range of car collections in his garage, including the world’s most expensive cars.

Bolt owns a Ferrari 438 model which costs $ 291,000 in today’s market.

Usain with his car
Usain with his car

He adds one more Ferrari beast into his garage named Ferrari F430, costing $217,310. And has got BMW M3 which costs $ 69,900 in the present market.

He also owns a Nissan GTR model which costs $113,540 as of 2021.


House in Kingston, Jamaica

Usain Bolts Mansion in Kingston, Jamaica, is worth $2.65 million.

The five bedrooms private property has 40 acres of land. The home features multiple fruit trees along with lush greenery around the surrounding.

This beautiful house is nestled on hills in the beautiful harbor of Jamaica. The master bedroom suite has stunning access to the harbor.

The house boasts the most striking waterfront views with plenty of outdoor space. The house has Jacuzzi and heated swimming pool to chill out.

Moreover, it has a colossal projector room to play games and for watching movies.

House in Brisbane, Australia

The rooftop penthouse in Brisbane is worth $1.9 million.

The house boasts breathtaking waterfront views with enough space that spreads over 1100 square feet. The house has a garage for parking three four-wheelers.

His house has a master bedroom that features the largest walking closet, which accesses another room.

The house has abundant dining space.

It has a customized kitchen with marble flooring.

Usain Bolt | Lifestyle & Vacation

Usain Bolts lives a very luxurious life. To stay fit, healthy, and in good shape, he follows a strict diet plan and rigorous workouts.

Usain bolt day starts with breakfast that includes a plain egg sandwich. He has built a gym in the house where he can work out to shape his body.

After completing the workout, as for lunch, he likes to have pasta with corned beef and make himself energized for the meeting.

He adds more calories before getting into bed to supplement burn calories and eats many veggies with yams, meat, and Jamaican dumplings for his dinner.

As per Usain, he likes to have a light snack during the day and complements with mango, pineapple, and apples. 

Usain Bolt went for a vacation back then in 2016 after the Rio Olympics and was seen with his girlfriend in french Polynesia.

He has been seen partying with his girlfriend and friends post-retirement in a luxurious yacht named ‘the dominator’. 

Usain Bolt | Charity

He has his foundation called BOLT FOUNDATION, which helps in small projects.

logo of Bolt Foundation
Logo of Bolt Foundation

The main work of this foundation is to create opportunities through education and cultural development in Jamaica.

The foundation has invested millions of dollars in the communities of Jamaica that have helped improve young people’s health and education.

Moreover, he has assisted in UNICEF’s soccer aid, which helped raise the fund for the children.

Usain Bolt |Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications

Usain Bolt is the co-founder of the company called Bolt Mobility. The company is established to manufacture electric scooters and many other electric products.

A total of six members runs the bolt mobility company.

Bolt Mobility Company
Bolt Mobility Company

The electric scooter is provided with MobilityOS is an ecosystem technology that powers micro-mobility.

According to Bolt, the scooter provides extra features of ultimate customization, more compatibility, and turnkey solutions. 

The electric scooter manufactured by the bolt mobility weighs 17 kg that can accelerate a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. The electric scooter can run up to 4okm on a single charge.

The bolt mobility firmly says,’ the electric scooters are running in more than 35 countries throughout the world’.

Bolt is planning for safe and sustainable transportation across the world by increasing access to electric scooters. Therefore he is planning to raise the fund up to $40 million.

Bolt has endorsed a puma and a Jamaican mobile phone company called Digicel in his early days. According to different sources, he has been with puma when he was only fifteen.

After a blistering performance in Beijing Olympics, he got many endorsements like Gatorade, Hublot, Virgin, and Visa.

He has his autobiography published in 2013 A.D named Faster than Lightning which claimed a lot of accolades.

Usain Bolt | Career

In 2008 A.D., the year that witnessed one of the superstars in the making in athletics history where he achieved triple gold in 100m, 200m, and 4x100m sprint.

In 2009 A. D., World championship held in Germany, the world again witnessed an excellent performance from the ultimate superstar of athletic fraternity.

He clocked the world record timings 9.58 sec, 19.19 sec for 100m and 200m sprint, respectively.

Usain bolt has gone through ups and downs as a player in his career like every other player.

In 2011 A.D., he got eliminated from 100m sprint for having a false start. Irrespective of having low time in 100m, he got the expected result in 200m and helped his team win the gold in the 4x100m relay race.

Usain Bolt in Beijing
Usain Bolt in Beijing

The born sprinting superstar came with a solid mindset to conquer the 2012 London summer Olympics.

And justified his standard by clinching all three titles of 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay sprint to make perfect triple gold, add to his glittering career.

In 2013 A. D, world athletics championship held in Russia, he emerged as the unbeatable beast.

He could defend all his honors in 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay sprint statement to the world that still the running beast is unbeatable.

In 2015 A.D, the championship held in Beijing, Usain bolt is about to relive the moments from where he gained the name and fame back in 2008.

He hasn’t disappointed single people coming to witness the great sprinter running into tracks of Beijing and has again bagged all three gold in 100m, 200m, and 4x100m. In the following year, 2016 A.D., all eyes were on Usain bolt because he was about to make the history of perfect three in consecutive summer Olympics.

Facts About Usain Bolt

    • The superstar thought of giving a try for his childhood fond game Cricket.
    • He contacted one of the greats of the cricketing fraternity Shane Warne, but the plan did not go accordingly. His middle name is St. Leo.
    • In 2010, the bolt had revealed his affinity for music when he played Reggae D.J. set to a crowd in Paris.
    • He joined the A-league side named central coast mariners and scored two goals for warm-up matches. But he could not match the skills and mindset needed as a soccer player.
    • And decided to step down a decision to play like a professional soccer player.


Who is a faster runner than Usain Bolt?

No one has ever come close to the timing of 100 meters sprint recorded by Usain Bolt.

Who is the mother of Usain’s Bolt, only child?

Kasi Bennet is the mother of Olympia Bolt, daughter of Usain Bolt.

Is Usain Bolt American?

No, Usain Bolt is Jamaican.

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