Verniece Enciso Before And After Plastic Surgery, Age Boyfriend And Instagram

Verniece Enciso Before

Verniece Enciso before, she was a figure skater and now a blogger and a model from the Philippines, wrote A Blog by Vern & Vernice with her sister Vern. Fans identify her for her light pink fashion, which she displays for her 545k Instagram followers.

There is also a VernVerniece Enciso YouTube channel for the site, which covers a wide range of themes including fashion, food, travel, and entertainment. 

 She started with a blog of the same name before joining forces with A Shoe Tale Blog in 2013.

She also had done several modeling jobs besides blogging. The VV and Co. perfume brand was introduced by Verniece and her sister Vern in the first quarter of 2019. They had always wished to launch a cosmetics company.

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Verniece Enciso Before And After Plastic Surgery

There is no information about the blogger doing plastic surgery but her sister Vern Enciso has done a non-surgical nose job.

Two of the most well-respected influencers in the nation today are the sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso. They are frequently mistaken for twins due to their remarkable similarities.

Verniece Enciso Before
Verniece Enciso with her sister vern( Source: Instagram)

Vern filmed her non-surgical nose job, or nose fillers, a procedure in a vlog. Because of how insecure she has always felt about the nose on her face, the influencer expressed her excitement about the change.

Vern seemed ecstatic with her new nose after the rather brief treatment. She commented that she was delighted the work was done excellently, and it seemed to come naturally.

In 2022, Verniece had endometriosis(kind of disease) surgery and shared this experience with her subscribers.

Verniece Enciso age – how old is she?

On August 8, 1994, Verniece Enciso was born in the Philippines. She will be 29 years old in August 2023.

Most of their early years were spent in Tagaytay City and Silang, Cavite, where their parents had also lived. Her sister’s name is Vern, and her brother is Verne.

She is a multiethnic person. She identifies as a Christian. Regarding her educational background, little is known about her higher studies.

Since she was six years old, she has been ice skating. It all began on a chance trip to the mall with her grandfather, who urged her to try rollerblading because he did it when he was younger.

She has competed domestically and internationally. She received 200 medals in total, 127 of which were gold.

Verniece Enciso Boyfriend and Instagram

James Dichaves, the longtime love of Verniece Enciso, are now married. Vern and Verniece share this news through their official Instagram account and also through their YouTube blog.  This occurred over the weekend while the pair traveled to Palawan as scheduled.

Verniece had no idea that Vern, James, and her friend Kat Lazada had arranged everything. James explained how he was able to prepare for the engagement months before he proposed in a thorough account of the celebrations posted on YouTube.

Verniece Enciso
Verniece Enciso’s wedding picture( Source: Instagram)

The blogger’s Instagram account name is vernienceenciso. Her fans identify her for her light pink fashion, which she displays for her Instagram followers.

As of 2023, she has 545k followers on her Instagram account. She mainly posts about her work. In 2023, her Instagram page was filled with her wedding posts with her long-term boyfriend James Dichaves.

Her Twitter account, which she joined in June 2009, is followed by 24k followers. Verniece and her sister Vern have 276k followers on their YouTube account, and the channel is VernVerniece Enciso.

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