Cdawgva Sexuality – Is He Gay? Partner Age And Birthday Explored

Cdawgva Sexuality

No Cdawgva Sexuality is not gay but he believes sexuality is a spectrum and is not 100% straight. Cdawagva is a Podcaster, Youtuber, voice-over artist, and social media influencer.

The real name of Cdawgva is Connor Marc Colquhoun, and his date of birth is 26th July 1996. So, his age is currently 26 years. He was born in Wales and held British nationality. Cdawgva is famous as a Youtuber with more than 2.9 million subscribers and has uploaded about 398 videos on the channel.

The voice of Cdawgva was unique since childhood, and his teachers encouraged him to try acting or stand-up comedy. But he waited till high school and became a club member of the school’s drama club. Colquhoun was physically active and part of various sports activities while being an excellent soccer player.

In 2014, he dropped his education to focus on his career. From whales, he moved to London for better opportunities regarding his career and lived there till the last quarter of 2019, and then he moved to Japan.

Cdawgva Sexuality – Is he Gay?

Cdawgva Sexuality was concerned for his fans and followers, so he tweeted that it was a legitimate question he often got and said without being sure, as most of the part him thinks he is straight. However, he believes Sexuality is a spectrum, and he is not totally or 100% straight.

Cdawgva Sexuality
Cdawgva with a fellow streamer Chris Broad doing a nightlife stream in Fukuoka. (Source: Twitter)

Growing up in Whales, Connor’s father owned a small grocery store, and his mother also worked there. While studying in elementary school, Connor mostly pulled a prank on his friends and vice versa. And they used to do random things together. However, he never showed his sexual preference as a gay.

Cdawgva Partner and Age

Cdawgva likes to keep his love life to himself or with just close ones. He is pretty secretive about it. However, he tweeted on Twitter that he is looking for a girlfriend and wanted people to submit a form for a girlfriend application. He also stated that gender or sexual identity could apply to his girlfriend’s search venture.

Cdawgva Sexuality
Cdawgva on the Giorno Giovanna suit. (Source: Instagram)

Of course, it was a fun post just interacting with his fans, as he has a habit of pranking others. Once, Cdawgva mentioned buying a girlfriend on Fiverr, a freelancing platform. It is not sure how he bought girlfriend but it might be those rental girlfriends currently famous in countries like Japan and China.

The age of Cdawgva is currently 26.

Cdawgva Birthday Explored

The Birthday of Cdawgva is on 26th July 1996. He is currently 26 years old. As per his date of birth, his zodiac sign is Leo. He was born and grew up on Whales with his small family. The journey of Cdawgva started on 11th February 2014 when he launched his YouTube channel.

Cdawgva Sexuality
Cdawgva snowboarding on new year 2023. (Source: Twitter)

His most popular video on YouTube, titled I paid voice actors to dub Jojo scenes with no context, gained about 6.8 million views. His other popular videos are about renting a boyfriend and guess that meme, which have more than 4 million views each.

However, his career was boosted as he mimicked Sebastian Michaelis from an anime called Black Butler; this video helped him to grow his popularity. He started his career as a voice actor in 2016 till present.

Cdawgva Sexuality
Cdawgva Behind the scene with an anime author Shibuya Kaho. (Source: Instagram)

Some of his famous works as a voice artist are Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Chronexia and the eight seals, Hellsing Ultimate Abridges parody version, and a few more.

Besides, he is pretty popular on social media, with more than 377k followers on Instagram and about 855k followers on Twitter. He is not quite active on Tiktok but still got 10.5k followers and 9971 likes after uploading just two videos. Cdawgva hosts a podcast show called Trash Taste along with Anime Man and Gigguk.

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