Packgod Face Reveal, Real Name Age And Girlfriend Revealed


Packgod is a Youtuber known for roasting well-known streamers and online celebrities. People are curious to know more about the topic “Packgod Face Reveal.” Please read the article below to know more about his life. 

Before starting his career as a Youtube roaster, Packgod was an admin on the Discord pocket server and a co-admin on its Youtube Channel. 

The videos of Packgod mainly consist of content where he “packs” other people. Additionally, he is also recognized for creating diss tracks aimed at fellow Youtube channels. 

Packgod has a significant fan base on his Youtube channel, with over 2.14 million subscribers. “PACKGOD’S GREATEST ROASTS OF 2022,” his most popular video, has had over 5.5 million views.

He is active on several other websites besides YouTube, including Instagram and Discord. His supporters can support his channel for free by using his referral link.

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Packgod Face Reveal

Packgod, the famous American YouTuber and rapper, made waves among his fans and the wider YouTube community when he revealed his face to the public.

This reveal came after tensions with his former partner, Leg, which led Packgod to create a new channel, “Packgod,” where he continued to create his signature diss tracks.

Similarly, Packgod’s face reveal was a significant moment for his followers, who had previously only seen him as a voice and an animated character.

Packgod Face Reveal
Packgod Face Revealed. (source: reddit)

Additionally, the reveal allowed them to connect with him more personally and added a new layer to his already controversial persona.

Since his face reveals, Packgod has continued to create content on both his Packgod and void channels, where he has amassed a significant following.

While his diss tracks remain a contentious topic, his facial reveals helped to humanize him and bring him closer to his audience.

Packgod Real Name and Age

Packgods real name is Elias Lichten. However, there is no information about his age on any internet platform, even after thorough research. 

Elias Lichten has become known for his controversial diss tracks and sharp wit, which have earned him a dedicated following on both his Packgod and void channels.

Packgod Face
Packgod excited the internet after his face reveal. (source: thewhistlernews)

He has also collaborated with other YouTube personalities, expanding his reach and influence.

While some public figures openly share details about their age and personal life, others prefer to maintain a degree of privacy.

Packgod appears to fall into the category, focusing on his content and online personality rather than his details.

Regardless of his age, Packgod’s talent and popularity continue to grow, and he remains a prominent figure in the YouTube community. It will be interesting to see how he continues to grow in the future.

Packgod Real Girlfriend Revealed

Regarding Packgod’s personal life and romantic relationships, no concrete information is available online that confirms or denies whether he has a girlfriend.

Despite being a public figure, Packgod has kept his personal life private and away from the public eye.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and influencers to keep their relationships private.

They might keep some personal information private and refrain from disclosing every aspect of their existence to their fans.

Also, Packgod might not be in a relationship now and be concentrating on other areas of his life.

Ultimately, without reliable information, it’s impossible to definitively say whether Packgod has a girlfriend.

Respecting his privacy and not making assumptions or spreading rumors without evidence is important.

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