What Happened To Couragejd – Where Is He Now? Real Name And Age


Couragejd is an American Youtuber and streamer known for his gaming content. People are curious to know what happened to Couragejd. Please read the article below to learn more about him.

Couragejd, also known as CouRage, is a well-known gaming personality and content creator who streams his gaming experiences live on YouTube.

He is also a co-owner of 100 Thieves, an esports organization and lifestyle brand. Courage is well known for having a contagious personality, which has helped him gain a large online following.

Since 2013, CouRage has been active on YouTube, where he has garnered over 3.78 million subscribers. He is famous for playing Fortnite and collaborating with popular streamers such as Ninja, DrLupo, and BasicallyIDoWrk.

CouRage also manages other YouTube channels, including CouRage Shorts, where he creates content.

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What Happened To Couragejd – Where Is He Now?

Based on the available information, there is no indication that anything has happened to CouRage or that he is no longer active in the gaming and streaming community. 

CouRage remains active in the gaming and streaming community, regularly posting new content on his YouTube channel. His official website, courage.gg, is another source for fans to follow his latest streams and events.

What Happened To Couragejd
Couragejd is a top twitch streamer attending the Fortnite event. (source: engadget)

Consequently, he is still active in gaming as he continues interacting with his followers on social media and through his content.

Despite some rumors that may suggest otherwise, there is no evidence to suggest that CouRage has gone anywhere or is no longer active in the gaming community. 

Couragejd Real Name

Couragejd or CouRage’s real name is Jack Dunlop. Even though he has succeeded in his career, the gamer has not revealed any other information about how he came up with the name “Couragejd.”

Also, he has kept curtains on the details about his early life, parents, siblings and ethnicity. He has only provided information about his professional life to the public.

The gamer started his career, entered the gaming world by playing Halo, and won an internship at MLG through his contacts and friends in the gaming community.

He hosted the daily MLG live show to replace his colleague Chris Puckett, who was unwell, and impressed the league with his work.

Furthermore, he joined OpTic Gaming as a content creator on March 12, 2018, but in November of that same year, he left the Company to pursue his solo career.

After leaving OpTic, Dunlop’s career kept advancing, and he succeeded as a content creator and streamer renowned for his engaging style and energetic attitude.

Couragejd age – how old is the streamer?

Jack Dunlop, better known as Couragejd, was born on April 23, 1994, in New Jersey, United States. As of 2023, he is currently 28 years old. After completing high school, Dunlop attended Towson University, a public University in Maryland.

Dunlop began his Twitch broadcasting career in 2013 but didn’t start streaming until 2018. His most popular YouTube channel, “CouRage,” which he launched in 2015 and had more than 3.78 million followers as of February 2023, is the source of much of his fame. The channel includes stuff for gamers, vloggers,  commentaries, and reactions. 

Dunlop is a content creator and co-owner of 100 Thieves, an esports organization and lifestyle brand. He has collaborated with other popular streamers such as Ninja, DrLupo, and BasicallyIDoWrk.

Couragejd with another popular gamer Ninja. (source: sportskeeda)

In addition to his YouTube career, Dunlop is active on Twitter, with over 1.5 million followers. He often tweets about his gaming experiences and has been commenting on competitive Call of Duty for over 11 years.

He left Twitch in 2019 after signing with OpTic Gaming as a content creator. He later pursued a solo career, leaving OpTic Gaming in November of the same year.

Dunlop was previously in a relationship with Maddie McCarthy from 2019 to 2023. Sadly, no further information is available about their relationship. 

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