Is Shawn Kemp In Jail For Cocaine Drive-By? Arrest News And Case Update

Shawn Kemp Jail

No, Shawn Kemp is not in Jail for Cocaine Drive-By; he got booked into jail on an investigation of a drive-by shooting. Shawn is a former American professional basketball player who played for Seattle SuperSonics.

Shawn was a sixth-time All-Star NBA player who played all fourteen seasons in the league, including eight times with SuperSonics. Shawn Travis Kemp Sr was born on 26th November 1969.

He is a former pro basketball player who played for associations like Seatle SuperSOnics, Portland Trail Blazers, Orlando Magic, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

In NBA, Shawn was nicknamed Reign Man as he was NBA All-star for the sixth time and thrice An NBA Second Team member.

Shawm went to Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana. At the B/C All star camp, Kemp outplayed a highly regarded player on his first day.

After four years as a varsity starter, he was considered one of the top five national players during his senior years. He led the team to the state championship finals.

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Is Shawn Kemp In Jail For Cocaine Drive-By?

A former NBA player, Shawn Kemp, got arrested in Pierce County Jail for an investigation of the drive-by shooting. The Tacoma officers responded around 2 pm to the shooting at the Tacoma Mall. However, the department has not given any confirmation regarding Shawn’s involvement.

Shawn Kemp Jail
A Google Street View image shows the parking lot where the alleged drive-by occurred. (Source: Daily Mail)

According to police, the shooting was an altercation between two people at Tacoma Hall at around 2 pm on Wednesday. The involvement of the former basketball player in the shooting case is not confirmed yet.

The police were called to the mall by the locals after they heard multiple shots being fired against the group in two different vehicles. One of the vehicle drivers shot several rounds at another group on another car.

The police stated that no injuries were reported. And the vehicle of the victim fled away from the incident area.

The officials found the suspect who was firing the shot at the property of Tacoma Mall and detained the suspect without incident. The gun used on the scene got recovered safely. The former NBA player was booked as a suspect into county jail for a drive-by shooting.

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Shawn Kemp Arrest News

After the Pierce County Jail arrested the former NBA player Shawn Kemp for a drive-by shooting, the arrest news flooded the media.

Shawn Kemp Jail
The Tacoma Police Department tweeted about Shawn Kemp getting arrested. (Source: Twitter)

It all started when the Tacoma Police Department updated a Twitter handle about the shooting incident between two cars in the parking lot. One car fled from the scene, and one gun was recovered too. The 53-year-old got booked for the drive-by shooting for further investigation.

Shawn has seven children from six women. The eldest son, Shawn Kemp Junior, had played basketball for the University of Washington, and another son named Jamon also played basketball for Southeastern Louisiana University.

Shawn once appeared on the 2009 season premiere of Pros versus Joes. The photo of Shawn dunking over another player appeared on the NBA Jam Extreme cover.

Shawn Kemp Case Update

The former legendary basketball player Shawn Kemp is arrested by the Tacoma County jail. The 53-year-old male was the suspect in the shooting incident in Tocama Mall.

Shawn Kemp Jail
Shawn Kemp of the Seattle SuperSonics shoots during a game on March 18, 1997. (Source: Fox News)

Further investigation is happening, and the department has not yet updated about the case. Shawn was arrested before for drug possession.

In 2005, he got arrested in Shoreline, Washington, for an investigation regarding drug possession. Kemp and another man were found with a few amount of cocaine and about 60 grams of marijuana, and a pistol. According to the Sheriff’s office report, the player was found guilty and charged with drug possession.

In 2006, Shawn got arrested again for marijuana possession in Texas. And now, in 2023, he is arrested for Tacoma Mall drive-by-shooting.

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