Ohio: Andrew Beehler Obituary & Death Cause, Car Accident Case Update

People are curious and concerned about the car accident and Andrew Beehler’s Obituary. It was only recently when Andrew Beehler was identified to have been killed in the car accident on Sunday in Columbus, Ohio.

The Police officials and the authorities have identified the victim of a deadly car accident in Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday, February 5th, 2023. Andrew Beehler was only 28 years old.

He was identified as the person murdered in the incident on Tuesday. Out of pure devastation, Andrew’s brother, Matthew Beehler, issued a statement on Tuesday expressing his sorrow. Mathew shared a few of the brotherly pictures clicked together.

He further expressed how devastated the family is at the moment and urged his friends and family members to call their loved ones and let them know that they are loved before it’s too let. Finally, Matthew appreciates the love and support he and his family are getting now.

The comments are also filled with condolences and prayers for the family to gather the strength to cope with this tremendous loss. Families have shared all their snippets and sweet moments shared with Andrew Beehler. 

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Andrew Beehler: What Is His Death Cause? Car Accident And Case Update Revealed

The injuries that Andrew Beehler had to sustain in the accident were the cause of his death. Further investigation is ongoing on the matters of the accident.

Andrew’s relatives and loved ones from Toledo, Ohio, are devastated as he was well-liked by many people. His terrible demise has left the zoo officials and personnel shocked.

 Andrew Beehler Obituary
Matthew Beehler is devastated by the huge loss of his brother, Andrew Beehler, and these are a few pictures he shared with his brother. (Source: Facebook)

Since the passing of Andrew’s untimely death, many of his family members have expressed how generous and kind-hearted he was. In the same manner, the church members have also expressed their condolences to his family members.

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Who Was Andrew Beehler?

Andrew Beehler was born on May 24th, 1995 and raised in a town named Toledo, Ohio. He studied at his high school in the same city and later pursued a degree at the University of Toledo, majoring in Zoology. 

After graduating, he began to work as a ranger at the Columbus Zoo. As for his personal life, he was married to his beloved wife, Rachel Beehler. So far, we have not heard anything from Rachel. It is understandable how she is still grieving the loss and needs time to recollect herself again.

 Andrew Beehler Obituary
A picture of Andrew Beehler and Matthew Beehler at Matthew’s graduation. Both the duo looked so happy together. (Source: Facebook)

On the contrary, we are yet to learn what Andrew Beehler’s wife, Rachel Beehler, does for a living. Considering how she is pregnant, it is upsetting considering how she will have to muster up the courage to move ahead.

At the moment, Rachel is expecting a baby girl by the end of this year. Unfortunately, Beehler will never meet his daughter.

More into his profession, Beehler had been a dedicated ranger at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for many years. He was characterized as a wonderful person with a lovely heart and an excellent attitude.

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