Robert Rackstraw Parents: Philip George Rackstraw And Lucille Lillian

Robert Rackstraw Parents

Robert Rackstraw Parents: Philip George Rackstraw was his father, and Lucille Lillian was his mother. Let’s learn about them alongside his family details in this article. 

Robert Rackstraw was a multifaceted individual whose life story is marked by a blend of military service, alleged criminal activities, and a controversial connection to one of history’s most enigmatic capers.

Throughout his dynamic existence, Rackstraw donned various roles, from a former U.S. Army paratrooper to a skilled helicopter pilot.

One of the most notable chapters in Rackstraw’s life centers around the shadowy realm of criminal suspicion.

He gained infamy as a potential candidate for the enigmatic figure D.B. Cooper, the daring skyjacker who hijacked a plane in 1971 and vanished after parachuting with $200,000.

The speculation surrounding his involvement was explored in a gripping miniseries on the History Channel, which scrutinized Rackstraw’s potential links to the unsolved heist.

Rackstraw’s narrative, however, is not confined solely to this mysterious cloud.

His intriguing journey took a twist when he was eliminated as a suspect in the D.B. Cooper case 1979 due to the absence of direct evidence tying him to the crime.

Yet, his life remained colored by brushes with the law, featuring a criminal record encompassing aircraft theft, possession of explosives, check to kite and bank fraud.

Robert Rackstraw Parents: Philip George Rackstraw And Lucille Lillian

Robert Rackstraw’s origins trace back to his birth in Franklin County, Ohio, in 1943, to his parents, Philip George Rackstraw and Lucille Lillian Rackstraw.

While his familial background provides insight into his roots, the specifics of his parents’ roles in his life remain shrouded in obscurity.

Robert Rackstraw Parents
Robert Rackstraw passed away in 2019 at the age of 75. (source: newstars)

The available sources do not shed light on any discernible impact or involvement his parents might have had in his journey, including his alleged connection to the infamous D.B. Cooper case.

The extent of Philip George Rackstraw and Lucille Lillian Rackstraw’s influence on their son’s life and his potential involvement in the enigmatic caper remains unknown.

The absence of details regarding their roles leaves a void in understanding the dynamics of their familial relationships.

Regarding Robert Rackstraw’s passing in 2019, it remains unclear whether Philip George Rackstraw and Lucille Lillian Rackstraw were still alive.

The complexities of Rackstraw’s life story and his alleged association with the D.B. Cooper case continue to captivate curiosity.

The details of his parents’ presence and impact form a mysterious backdrop to his enigmatic narrative.

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Robert Rackstraw family 

Robert Rackstraw’s familial backdrop is a mosaic of connections that span generations.

His mother, Lucille Rackstraw, emerged from the lineage of William T Reese and Theressa Maude Wolfe Reese, joined by three sisters – Goldie Corrine Georgia, Evelyn Theressa Reese Boud, and Deretta Pauline Reese Cooper – and a brother, Thomas Leonard Reese.

Robert Rackstraw Parents
Robert Rackstraw’s second wife Linda McGarity. (source: dbcooper)

This tapestry of kinship hints at the intricate threads that shaped Lucille’s life and, by extension, Robert’s.

In Robert’s immediate family constellation, he shared a sisterly bond with Linda Lee Rackstraw Loduca, born on May 27, 1947, and regrettably passed away at 66 in August 2013.

This poignant loss etched its mark on Robert’s journey, enriching his narrative with personal depths.

Robert’s marital journey unfolded across three chapters. Details surrounding his first wife remain scant, shrouded in obscurity.

His union with Linda Kunkel in 1974 was brief, lasting only two years.

However, his third marriage to Dorothy was a testament to his enduring commitment.

The intricacies of Robert Rackstraw’s family story, from his diverse lineage to the bonds he formed through marriage and kinship, offer a glimpse into the tapestry of his life.

The connections he shared with his parents, siblings, and wives, each adding unique hues to his narrative, enrich the complex canvas that defined his journey.


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