Who Is Katherine Ballard? Tim Ballard Wife Married Life And Age Gap

Tim Ballard Wife

Tim Ballard is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad. The famous human rights activist has made significant strides in his career. So, supporters want to know about Tim Ballard wife and married life. 

Timothy Ballard, shortly Tim, serves as O.U.R.’s Jump Team Commander for rescue operations. He is an author and human rights activist.

The Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad is known for his successful rescue operations.

Also, the man spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security. Similarly, Ballard served as an undercover operative.

Besides his rescue projects, particularly human-trafficking issues, Ballard is also a proud father and husband. He is close to his wife and kids. 

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Meet Tim Ballard Wife Katherine Ballard

Who is Tim Ballard wife? has been the talk of the town as many have noticed the talented author’s relationship status fueling rumors about his married life. 

Tim Ballard is widely admired for his rescue operations initiatives. However, the author has rarely maintained a low profile about his alleged romantic involvements.

Through multiple sources, it is revealed that Ballard is married. He tied the knot with Katherine Ballard. 

The lady is sometimes spotted alongside her spouse on her Instagram posts.

Tim Ballard Wife Katherine Ballard
Tim Ballard wife, Katherine Ballard, stood by him on his rescue mission. (Source: History V Hollywood)

Looking at her profile, Katherine seems to enjoy her life and is having a good time now.

Moreover, Tim and Katherine are proud parents of their kids.

Beyond this point, the author prefers to maintain discretion about detailing personal information concerning himself or his relationships with the general public.

What’s more interesting is that Tim doesn’t appear too eager to announce being tied down romantically.

Instead, he seems focused on advancing professionally and personally for now – which understandably reflects through his stories and work.

Many people are curious about Tim’s romantic life, as his wife does not always find the situation her husband goes through as easy and simple. She says,

The most stressful part is when Tim is on a mission. Honestly, If I were the wife of a cop, I think I’d be more nervous as they’re going into situations where they don’t know what’s happening. They know what’s going on, and they’re as prepared as they can be.

People often speculate and form opinions without any factual information. As Katherine confirms herself, the lady receives much love and respect from the public. 

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Tim Ballard Married Life And Age Gap

Famous activist Tim Ballard wife supports her husband’s career. When he first met Katherine, Tim was a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

He was studying Spanish and Political Science. The two crossed paths and developed a romantic liking for each other. The two studied there from 1994 to 1999.

Soon, the lovely pair fell in love and married, excited to start a family.

However, in 2013, Tim grew disenchanted with his job at the HSI and wanted to do something beneficial for the children he often had to leave behind due to the issues orders.

The dedicated partner supported her husband’s idea and stood by his side as Tim tirelessly worked to rescue victims and raise awareness about the issue.

Unsure about the practicality of all, Tim and his wife struggled financially. At the time, the Ballards had six kids, and Tim ensured he could provide for all. 

Tim Ballard married life
Tim Ballard wife supported him in raising the rescued kids. (Source: The Family Nation)

In an interview with Operation Underground Railroad, Tim said that his wife was the only support he received at the time and felt empowered by her words, “Katherine told me, ‘You have no choice and been called to do this. It’s the only right thing to do.’”

Moreover, no media outlets have mentioned the pair’s age gap. Tim Ballard was born in 1975. Tim, 48, hails from Utah, United States.

Apart from Ballard’s birth year, no information regarding his partner’s age and birth year is confirmed. So, it is difficult to assume the pair’s age difference. 

Speaking of his married life, the activist now enjoys parenthood with his wife as they are blessed with nine children.

Their happy family added three more kids, two of whom were apparently sold while he was on a sting operation in Haiti. The couple’s nine children are aged between 23 to 6. 

Even today, Katherine is happy about the positive impact of her husband’s work. As predicted, the lovely pair’s relationship is going strong.

Moreover, Tim’s married life has been an investigation subject as the general belief suggests that people use these antics as publicity gimmicks to boost their fame. However, that is not the case for the activist.

Despite being a public figure, he has rarely approached publicity stunts, and it is believed that Tim Ballard is a family man, a proud father, and a husband.

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