Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Report, Cause Of Death Parents And Wikipedia Bio

Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy

Maggie Murdaugh autopsy report states that had been shot multiple times with a semi-automatic rifle. Maggie Murdaugh was the mother of Paul Murdaugh who was guilty of killing a 19-year-old girl Mallory Beach.

Maggie was happily married to Alex Murdaugh. She had two sons named Buster and Paul Murdaugh. In 2019, the internet blew up after the death of Mallory Beach in a boat accident due to Paul Murdaugh who was driving the boat under the influence of alcohol.

Maggie Murdaugh was married to a prominent family of lawyers in South Carolina. According to her family and friends, she was known to spoil her sons very much.

Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Report And Cause Of Death

Maggie Murdaugh’s cause of death was  reported to be multiple gunshot wounds. She was found dead along with her son, Paul Murdaugh, on June 7, 2021, at their family’s hunting lodge in Islandton, South Carolina.

The case has garnered significant media attention and is still under investigation. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is leading the investigation, with assistance from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies.

Maggie Murdaugh
Maggie Murdaugh with her husband and sons. Source: FIT News

According to reports, Alex reached out to police about 10:00 p.m. on June 7, 2021. He claimed discovering his partner Maggie and son Paul Murdaugh dead near a dog kennel at their Islandton family property.

When police arrived at the murder scene, they inquired Alex whereabouts prior to heading to the lodge. Alex told them he was at his parents’ house caring for his ailing father.

As the police started their investigation, however, certain fishy information emerged. Alex Murdaugh was classified as a person of interest by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) four months after the event.

Her husband Alex Murdaugh was allegedly accused of the murder and was arrested by the police to which he plead not guilty. The Murdaugh family is a prominent and wealthy family in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, USA. 

The State believes that Murdaugh murdered his wife ,52, and son, 22 to divert attention away from his financial crimes.Alex Murdaugh was accused of  embezzling millions of dollar from his law practice and was being sued for his son Paul’s drunken boating accident.

The Murdaugh family has been in the news in recent years due to several high-profile legal cases, including a boating accident in 2019 that left a 19-year-old woman dead and allegations of misusing public funds by Randolph Jr. while he was serving as the solicitor.

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Maggie Murdaugh Parents- Who are they?

Maggie was born in Kentucky to Terry Lee Branstetter and Kennedy Hubbard Branstetter.  She was raised into a comfortable, loving Christian household in the United States.Her parents gave her and her sister Marian Branstetter a kind and caring upbringing. 

She, like her father, was a very bright and sharp-minded person.

Maggie Murdaugh
Maggie Murdaugh with her father and sister. Source: New York Post

Maggie’s father is a skilled man who worked for DuPont for several years and got several transfers throughout the years.  Because of to her father’s employment and transfers, she lived in a number of places, including Unionville, Wilmington, and Washington.

Maggie Murdaugh Wikipedia

Maggie was born in Islandton, South Carolina, on September 15, 1968. Margaret ‘Maggie’ Kennedy Branstetter Murdaugh was her full name. She resided on Edisto Beach, South Carolina, before her death.

Maggie attended Islandton’s Private High School during her youth. Maggie enrolled to the University of South Carolina in the late 1980s to continue her education. She met Alex Murdaugh in college where she fell in love with him. 

Maggie and Alexander married a few years after graduating. A few years later, the couple welcomed their first son and later in 1999 welcomed their second son.

Maggie and Alex were happily married until the Murdaugh financial crime came into light. There is not much information about Maggie’s profession but she often made posts about her lifestyle in social media.

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