Why Was David Taylor Pastor Jailed? Case Details And Wikipedia Bio

David Taylor

At Newcastle Crown Court, David Taylor Pastor was jailed to 13 years in prison for repeatedly molesting a young child in the 1970s and 1980s.

David Taylor of Angel Lane, Alnwick, formerly known as Father Taylor, abused a child 40 years ago in a church and on several occasions on Holy Island.

By using his trusted position to target the terrified victim repeatedly, Father Taylor committed some of shocking crimes within the church while dressed in a religious robe.

He grossly violated the trust that had been placed in him by attacking the child repeatedly.

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Why Was David Taylor Pastor Jailed?

Taylor, of Angel Lane in Alnwick, Northumberland, was given a 13-year prison term and was ordered to join a lifelong sex offenders registry by Judge Julie Clemitson.

The judge informed him that, having been ordained in 1977, he had had a sexual interest in boys from a young age.

The jury found him guilty of 10 offenses, including indecent assault on a minor under 14, despite his denials of the charges.

David Taylor Pastor jailed
Beast priest: Northumberland clergyman “David Taylor” abused boy in church and on Holy Island (Source: ChronicleLive)

In 2009, he was found guilty of five counts of indecent assault on boys committed in the 1980s. Then he received a 30-month sentence. He received a suspended sentence in 2017 for a different indecent assault charge. He had to sign the sexual offenders register permanently.

David Taylor Pastor Case Details

According to Northumbria Police, the clergyman led the kid to believe the assault was “part of church life.” Although the victim “felt powerless” to report his childhood abuser because he was afraid “no one would believe him over an esteemed member of the community,” he started questioning the behavior as he grew older.

Nevertheless, in 2019, the innocent victim found the strength to come forward with the help of his family, and a probe was started that resulted in Taylor’s arrest.

The priest’s victim claimed that the assault had given him nightmares and made him think about committing suicide.

The abuse was allegedly committed in a church vestry, on Holy Island during a retreat, in an old convent, and even while traveling to a football game.

“These were religious venues where he would have expected to be safeguarded but wasn’t,” said prosecutor Vince Ward.

The first time the abuse occurred, he placed his gown over his head and either dropped his pants or unzipped his cassock, according to the victim. The abuse also took place while the churchman and others were traveling.

There were so many incidents that he can’t remember them, according to Judge Clemitson. He believes there were hundreds of them because they occurred so frequently and in diverse locations.

The victim endured the memories of what occurred for many years and could not approach his parents because doing so would destroy their high opinion of him.

The pastor’s victim impact statement reads, “He has had to live under the shadow of what you did to him as a youngster for practically the entirety of his life.” “His abuse has had a devastating impact for the last 40 years.”

The victim covered up his assault for four decades out of concern that the dependable churchman would never believe him.

Although Taylor was found guilty of ten offenses, including indecency with a child and indecent assault, he has now received justice.

David Taylor pastor Wikipedia Bio

There is not much information about the pastor’s personal life apart from the fact that he was a Northumberland clergyman who was 73 during his jail sentence in 2022.

Apart from these details, not much is known about the sex offender, who is currently serving his jail time.

Yet, this case shows us that it is never too late to pursue justice, and regardless of how much time has passed, the culprit will eventually receive their punishment, and the victims will receive justice.

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