Navy: Craig Becker Obituary And Death Cause, Age And Family Revealed

Craig Becker Obituary

Craig Becker obituary and death is a hoax. Craig Becker is an American navy who was married to his wife Johanna  Hof-Becker. The navy officer, however is found guilty of murdering his wife.

Becker stood by his innocence, claiming that his wife’s death was a suicide due to mental health issues. Craig Becker’s wife Johanna before her death claimed her husband to be physically and emotionally abusive to her.

The couple was divorced before her death.

Craig Becker Obituary And Death Cause

In late 2015, Navy Lt. Craig R. Becker was charged with pushing his drugged and sleeping spouse out of their Belgian apartment building’s seventh-floor window in Mons.

Authorities initially declared Hof-Becker’s death a suicide, but her friends and family refused to accept it according to The Florida Times-Union.

The Father of Johanna who died after falling from a seventh-floor apartment in Belgium claims he was certain that her spouse pushed her out the window.

Craig Becker, on the other hand, was eventually charged with Hove-murder. Almost seven years after her death in October 2015, Becker was found guilty of murder by an American military judge in Belgium in the spring of 2022.

Craig Becker
Craig Becker with his wife and daughter. Source: Dailynationpakistan

According to the Navy Times, Craig Becker was found guilty on April 30, 2022, of premeditated murder, abuse consummated by a battery, and conduct unworthy of an official and in in connection with Johanna Hove-Becker’s death.

The officer was accused of strangling his partner in 2013 and illegally poisoning her on the day of her death with a drug cocktail that included the zolpidem sleeping medication and the opioid tramadol, according to Becker’s charge sheet.

Additionally, he is accused of lying to the local police about not knowing Hove-Becker’s mobile pass code and impersonating her in a text message on the day of her death.

He was given a life sentence in prison with the possibility of probation, according to the Florida Times-Union. Furthermore, he also got a military discharge.

According to the outlet, Becker is currently appealing his sentence.

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How Old Is Craig Becker – Age

Navy Craig Becker right now is 41 years old who was taken in American authorities over the investigation on the death of his wife in 2015. Becker is a war hero with 17 years of service.

Craig Becker
Craig Becker in his military uniform. Source: The sun

After Hove-Becker’s death,Becker was detained in Belgium for over two years.

The Navy decided not to take over control until defense attorney Sullivan filed a lawsuit in court and former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis instructed the naval service to do so in 2018.  The Navy put him in trial in February 2019 after he made his way back to the United States.

Craig Becker Family Revealed

Craig Becker was married to Johanna  Hof-Becker in 2008. According to her obituary, Johanna attended Arlington Country Day School.

She subsequently went to the University of North Florida, where she received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in psychology.

Johanna was a professional psychologist who worked as a court consultant in Norfolk, Virginia. 

She moved to Mons, Belgium, after her spouse, Navy Lt. Craig Becker, was transferred to NATO in 2013. On June 12, 2014, Hove-Becker gave birth to a daughter called Isabelle Louise.

Her family claims that military police in Mons looked into Becker in 2013 for allegedly choking and beating his wife after receiving a text message on the phone from another guy.

However, after Becker’s wife changed her mind to preserve Becker Navy career, the investigation was dropped.

The couple separated in September of 2015. In October of 2015, Johanna died after falling from the seventh floor of her apartment in Mons for which later Becker was charged for murdering his wife.

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