Tiktok: Why Was Queenbee Arrested? Case Details And Wikipedia Bio


Recently, the TikToker Queenbee Arrested has gained media attention as she was arrested for insulting other religions including Islam and Sikh.

TikTok, like its Chinese cousin Douyin, is a short-form video hosting site owned by Byte Dance.

It offers user-submitted films ranging in length from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. TikTok and Douyin have achieved worldwide traction since their first releases.

The popular app will have topped 2 billion smartphone downloads worldwide by October 2020.

TikTok was named the most popular website in 2021 by Cloudflare, overtaking Google.com.

This app has been chastised for its privacy practices and censorship of LGBTQ+ user’s material, as well as anything critical of the Chinese government.

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Tiktok: Why Was Queenbee Arrested?

Netizens are wondering about the topic of Queenbee Arrested and further details about her arrest.

TikTok has become one of the major platforms from which urgent topics are disseminated throughout the globe.

As a result, this app helps to find out the problems that are hampering our society. We can find eighteen-plus videos in the TikTok app these days, which is leading people in the wrong direction.

Queenbee Arrested
Queenbee comes back after her arrest (Source: TikTok)

The TikToker named Queenbee has tonnes of followers on her account as she shares her explicit content.

The TikTok influencer named Queenbee was arrested as she has disrespected other religions.

Further information about the young and bold TikTok star Queenbee Arrested has not been revealed.

Queenbee Arrested case details 

The influencer was arrested on TikTok Live, and her fans were shocked because several authorities entered her house and, in the end, she was arrested.

When the authorities were inside the influencer’s house, she and her entire following were shocked and wondered what might be the reason behind having an officer at her house.

Queenbee was still recording until the police officer told her the reason behind her arrest.

Queenbee was arrested for blackmailing someone (Source: TikTok)

The officer told her she was being held because she blackmailed someone on TikTok and broadcast the irrelevant pictures.

She turned off her phone’s camera shortly after being detained. Some of the TikTok star’s admirers also reacted, pointing out that she has mocked numerous Muslims.

Once there is an update regarding Queen Bee’s arrest, we will include the little pieces of information in this very article.

Queenbee wikipedia bio 

According to the sources, the real name of TikToker Queenbee is said to be Priya Sahi, who is from the United Kingdom.

However, the information has not been confirmed as of today, and she has not revealed any information about her parents and their professions.

Queenbee was detained for broadcasting irrelevant pictures on TikTok live (Source: TikTok)

The TikTok star Queenbee might have lost tonnes of fans as she was disrespectful towards Islam and the Sikh religion.

She has over 215k followers on her official account, and she also has another account with the same name that has over 7k followers.

The social media influencer is actively engaged in making and uploading the clips and pictures on TikTok.

The internet celebrity has over 2.8 million likes as of April 18, Tuesday, 2023, and she follows back 124 accounts.

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