St Olaf Student Waylon Kurts Arrested – Case Details Age And Family

Waylon Kurts

The student, Waylon, is facing multiple counts, including conspiracy to commit threats of violence. Do netizens want to know why was Waylon Kurts Arrested? Find out.

Charges have been filed against a student at a private college in southeastern Minnesota after authorities found several items in his dorm room that the school officials believed were dangerous.

Knives, an empty ammunition box, and a tactical vest were found in Kurt’s dorm.

The Rice County Attorney’s Office is also requesting that Kurt not be allowed to access any firearms, including those in his home in Vermont, after his mother posts bail, as they suspect he was planning a mass casualty event.

Waylon is a sophomore at St. Olaf College and a member of the college’s track team, originally from Montpelier.

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St Olaf Student Waylon Kurts Arrested – Case Details

The topic of Waylon Kurts arrested has gained media attention as authorities suspect he might have planned to commit second-degree assault.

According to reports, the police confiscated notebooks from Kurts that contained writings about stealing ammunition from a retailer and police radio frequencies.

a hand-drawn map of a recreational facility on campus, which included an arrow indicating a travel route and exit path.

Waylon Kurts Arrested
St. Olaf student was allegedly planning a “mass casualty event” (Source: YouTube)

Waylon’s lawyer, Paul Rogossheske, acknowledged that the materials found may appear suspicious, but he insisted that they do not pose a threat to anyone.

He explained that Kurts is an avid hunter who does a lot of shooting and that no guns or ammunition were found in his room or vehicle.

Furthermore, Rogosheske stated that the map was drawn for someone else.

The lawyer emphasized that the charges against his client are related to conspiracy, and he is confident that Kurts will be cleared of all charges once the legal process has been completed.

Further, details on Waylon Kurts arrested are not made public by the authorities.

Waylon Kurts age 

As per the authorities, Waylon Kurts is a 20-year-old student from St. Olaf College and a member of the college’s track team.

Mark Elliott, the Police Chief of Northfield, stated that they are investigating Kurt’s intentions.

Kathryn M. Burbank, the county attorney, believes that he was planning to attack the Skoglund-Tostrud building on campus.

Waylon Kurts
Minnesota college student charged after cache found in a dorm (Source: KEYC)

Burbank also expressed concern about the firearms found in Waylon’s Vermont home, including an assault rifle, and requested that the court order his family to surrender them if he is relocated there.

Additionally, evidence collected from Kurt’s dorm room suggests that he was not acting alone in planning a mass casualty event.

St. Olaf authorities grew suspicious of Kurts on Wednesday after a custodian discovered two empty packages of high-capacity magazines in a garbage can.

The college notified the Northfield Police Department about the discovered items related to potential violence in Kurt’s dorm room.

Waylon Kurts family

There is not much information about Kurt’s family, but we know that his parents are worried about his arrest.

After being interviewed by school officials, Kurts was suspended from St.Olaf and left the Northeastern campus.

Waylon Kurts
Student from Vt. charged with plotting to cause violence at Minn. college (Source: WCAX)

The next day, he was arrested for suspected threats of violence, but St. Olaf officials reassured families that the campus was safe.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is assisting with the investigation.

Kurts’s family reported that all his guns were at their home in Vermont, but the shooting range and gun shop in Burnsville confirmed that he had visited several times to shoot.

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